Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Day... ?

Today, I went outside. I breathed fresh air. I looked at the trees. I didn't watch Julie & Julia for the first time in a year. It was pretty weird. Oh, wait--did I say weird? What I mean to say was, THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.

But alas, I find myself back here blogging. One can never stray too far from what made one... well, whatever it is one--I--am. But enough about that. Let's tie up some loose ends, shall we? The L/J&J Project has been "officially" over since Tuesday, but I thought you guys might've liked to see how my last viewing of Julie & Julia went. As most of you know, I was flown out to Denver by the Off-Center Theater and they threw me a big bash to go out on.

Little did I know that it was going to involve fan clubs, red carpets, limos and swanky apartments... and that was only on the EVE of my FINAL VIEWING DAY!!

Arriving at the airport and seeing all those people with their L/J&J T-shirts, posters, buttons--that was definitely a top 10 moment in my life (Strangely enough, the other 9 also happened over the course of the next day or so).

I've got a lot of weird and random content concerning my trip to Denver waiting in the blogging pipeline, so I figured I'd stagger the updates over the course of this next week or so. You know, to slowly wean you guys off your Lawrence Dai addiction (A-dai-ction?).

So be sure to check back soon for more fun-filled updates, including but not limited to:
  • Media appearances!
  • The actual final viewing party!
  • An exclusive interview with AMY ADAMS' MOM!!!
  • A response from the REAL Julie Powell!!!
And you thought you were all rid of me...


Non-Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "
I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright."


  1. Yes! Awesome to see that even after the Dai have been cast, you're back for another roll.

    Too much pun?

    Anyway, great to see that LJ&J isn't over yet!



    Stalking the twitter feeds simply wasn't enough. I'm so glad there will be more LJJ.

  4. so bummed to have missed this.
    larry, you're a fucking boss

  5. Alright! I guess we're all going to Dai another day...

  6. I'm surprised you were able to walk after that glass of champagne

  7. Yeah - you are going to give us many updates - woo hoo!!!! Enjoy your first weekend free of the J & J movie!!!!


  8. I'm so happy to see another post! Don't ever stop! :)

  9. Amy Adams' mom, wow.
    I bet she is one of your biggest fans, along with Amy Adams herself, Julie Powell and Not Mark Ruffalo.

  10. I don't know how old you are, but if you're under 21...
    Alcohol? Writing on legal tender? This video is full of illegal activities.

  11. I would read a blog where you watch The Shawshank Redemption every day for a year. And it wouldn't be nearly as torturous as watching Julie & Julia.
    And discovering that you were left handed like me was awesome!

  12. Discovered you through the Village Voice this week. I will read your blog now in reverse order. Thanks for making me smile! You are a treasure.

  13. Lawrence! I'm so proud you. I just finished my 20th or maybe 30th viewing of Julie and Julia. I just love it. The Julia part anyway... And this viewing I just saw what appears to be a picture of a boob behind Julie when she asks not-Mark-Ruffalo to "give her a minute" while she gives the picture of Julia the pound of butter. Have you noticed this? I just found it surprising is all, why would a boob be at an exhibit of Julia Child?

    Congratulations on all you've done! I've enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning, and if you've mentioned the boob before, I apologize. :) Happy not-Julie-and-Julia watching! xxxx

  14. WHERE ARE YOU it's been almost a week you should have tried to wean us off a little slower

  15. LMAO I love that last comment. Yes the weaning has not been pleasant for us Lawrence. Why do I get the feeling the weaning for you has been quite wonderful? Why do I get the feeling that many people are laughing whenever they read "weaning"?

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  17. lawrence....? I miss you. where are you in my life?

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