Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 344 - Random Actor Tuesday: Internet Bullying

Day 344.

In lieu of a traditional Random Actor Tuesday, I thought it'd be sort of interesting to examine a sort of phenomenon that's been happening since I started profiling random actors in Julie & Julia. Well, I guess it's not really a phenomenon--it's more of a "People who know the random actors in question are calling me out on being a douche internet bully" kind of thing.

Most recently, many have lept to the defense of Tom Stratford a.k.a. "Gangster" and Helen Coxe a.k.a. "Schnozzerella."

In Tom's profile, I made a big deal of how he lists himself as having played the role of "Gangster" in Julie & Julia, even though nothing in the scene indicated that he was affiliated with any gangs.

I'm led to believe that the first comment is from the actual Tom Stratford, which is awesome! Another instance of a real-life Random Actor Tuesday contacting me! He shines some well-needed light on the casting process and was a real class act about it. He seems nice. But then I received a string of defensive comments from what I'm sure are his colleagues and friends (given the timing of the comments in relation to when it was posted).

And then there was Helen Coxe, our favorite big-nosed random actress.

Helen Coxe sounds like a wonderful person! And I never questioned her character--I just made fun of her in a low-brow, incredibly superficial and shallow way. I know my mean-spirited post about her nose was mean-spirited and I honestly do feel bad about it, but when I get angry emails telling me to take the post down, I choose to stand by my douchey words.

But why? Why do I insist on picking on them? What's my problem? Am I just a dick?

Yeah, that just about sums it up. 

I'll be the first to admit that I have been a big internet bully on some of these RAT posts. And I probably deserve all the hateful words directed towards me. But it's just fascinating to me to think that a bunch of people have been reading these posts out of context and assuming that I am just this fucking douche who hates actors who are trying to make it.

In fact, I love small-time actors! They give me stuff to write about every Tuesday! Sure, I get up here and pretend to stand up on this pedestal and make fun of their occupations--but this is all born out of an intense jealousy, for I am a inconsequential internet blogger.

I mean, I hate that, but it's what I am and I have to live with it. People on the internet like to read mean-spirited things and me, being the pageview-whore that I am, write what I write in an attempt to entertain these people. I realize that some things I say might be hurtful, but at the end of the day, I am just some fuckhead on the internet. I have no say in casting decisions! I have no say in anything, really. I am literally, nothing!

I have never been, and will probably never be in a movie--and I couldn't even fathom being in a major Hollywood feature film like Julie & Juila. I envy these people! They've followed their dreams, no matter the cost and I have the utmost respect for them. Hell, I wish I could put myself out there like that.

Today, I salute Tom Stratford and Helen Coxe. I was wrong to have bullied you and I apologize for any hurt feelings along the way. Actors like you are an inspiration to us all, truthfully--keep doing what you're doing and pay no heed to the snarky internet stunt bloggers of this world, for we are the absolute worst of humanity. And I mean that.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "But you can always put it together."


  1. Here's the thing Larry, your blog is meant to be entertaining and funny. And it is. If you didn't write this way, if you only wrote about some random actor's experience that you found on google, well that would be pretty much boring as hell. If you wrote like that I wouldn't have read every single post for the last almost year. You wouldn't be the first thing I check when I come into work in the morning, my daily dose of laughter.

    I have noticed lately an increase in angry commenters. Unfortunately that comes with the territory. People like to hide behind the internet and flip out about stuff that really isn't worthy of flipping out about. They call you a hater when that is exactly what they are being. Sad, isn't it?

    And I have to add - a few days ago someone wrote a hateful comment towards one of your frequent commenters "Max". It was totally unwarranted. If the person had read any of Max's previous comments they'd know that he too is just being funny. People really just need to back the hell off.

    Keep up what you are doing. I think you're great. I feel sorry for the people who are writing nasty comments to you, because clearly they just do not get it.

    A faithful and very entertained reader, Jen

    1. If you have to explain to someone why it's hilarious to have a gangster in J&J, they are never going to get it.

  2. Dear Larry,

    Ditto to Jen.

    I too check your blog everyday (you rank 3rd in my life after 2 email accounts and before FB, that's right you are BEFORE Facebook). And I love the way you write.

    Keep it up! Don't let those haters hate!

    Another faithful reader,

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  3. I'm on your side, as well. The whole point of comedy is to poke fun. You can cross a line, but other than the unfortunate deaf-mute post, I don't think you have. If you have to explain to someone why it's hilarious to have a gangster in J&J, they are never going to get it.

  4. Same here!! I love your blog and your humor. I read your blog every day! If you decide to have a new blog after this whole project is over, I will read that faithfully as well.

    Keep it up and don't forget... Haters gon' hate!

  5. Lorrence is fat and spent most of his time in a basement.

    His blog posts are just the highly personal rants of a 400 lb insignificant who for some reason feels he can hold rom-com elitism despite watching Julie and Julia, the light beer of romantic comedies? (along with Love Actually) His posts are horribly written, rambling, and for the most part incoherent.

  6. I really thought the purpose of a blog was to express yourself, but share it with others. It amazes me that we write how we feel for all the world to read and then there are negative comments about it. Keep doing what you love - I am enjoying it, no matter what emotions I have while reading it!! Like your take on the whole concept. (and woo hoo - you have 21 days, but I am sure you are counting, too).


  7. Like some of the others, I've been reading your blog since Day 1 (although I missed out on most of January) and you're one of my top visited sites. I think sometimes you make fun of really slight things in the film, but if you didn't, you probably wouldn't have much to write about. And you probably have a lot of hate built up after watching it so much... Like someone else said, the deaf-mute post was pushing it a bit, but otherwise I think you've been good.

    I can't stand the comments "THE TRUTH" posted because you're apologizing for how mean you've been and he or she is just being a mean douchebag back at you! Whatever, people on the internet are gonna do that for no reason no matter how nice someone is.

  8. I'm sure most people who are involved in the entertainment business will take a blog such as this one, for the entertainment value it's worth. You do a good job at it, and we do understand as actors that this is part of the territory. We all can fall victim to fragile ego's, but the show does go on.

  9. Tom Stratford is on top of me!

    Bro, I love it when you hate. The primal anger inside of me feels quelled when you blog about how ridiculous this fucking movie is. I feel like I have it memorized and I've seen it twice. This is because you hate it in such detail that it makes me remember intimate details such as the misspellings on the specials board and Nora Ephron is a self-plagiarizing bitch. You debunked the myth that if you add chocolate and eggs and milk, it will get thick.

    Moral of the story, I will cry when your blog ends.


  10. I thought it was pretty clear that those posts were meant jokingly. If anything, your Tom Stratford and Helen Coxe posts made it seem like you were poking fun at yourself, deliberately acting out this character who's losing his mind from watching the same movie, getting pissed at things like the IMDB role listings of extras.

    Still, kudos for handling the criticism well and doing your best to right the situation. Sometimes your humor can go a little too far for my tastes, but stuff like this shows that you've still got an admirable degree of respect for your audience.

  11. hey larry



    you're fat

  12. shit you were right, that felt awful. i'm sorry bro, i take it back.

  13. yeah but wet farts are a completely different kettle of fish

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