Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 331 - How I Usually End Each Viewing of Julie & Julia

Day 331. 

Today, I thought I'd let you guys get a small glimpse of what my existence for the past 300-something days has been like. The happiest moment of my day is when Julie & Julia finally reaches its end and I... well, I can't always express how I feel in words. But maybe I can, in song?

*me thinking to myself: you know what this blog needs more of? 
bad singing! everybody loves bad singing! it's foolproof!*

But yeah, that's essentially how I close out each and every viewing of Julie & Julia. With a strained Julia Child falsetto rendition of the old jazz standard, "Time After Time." You should've heard me the first couple of times--my vocal range and abilities have drastically improved since then. Just ask my roommates. They'll tell ya!

(Once they get back from the hospital, that is. Bleeding eardrums will do that to you...)


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "It gives you something you have to do every day, one day at a time."


  1. Bravo, sir. Bra-fucking-vo. I am yours.

  2. Are you sure the whole crazy thing is an act?? lol

  3. :-))) and more :-)))

  4. Awesome. Your descent into complete and utter madness is almost complete. I'm guessing it'll take about 3 more weeks and you'll need to be committed.

  5. I couldn't do it. I tried; I really did. But I think I heard about :45 in total (the first :30 and then :5 worth of scrubbing, and the last :10).

  6. Have you tried watching julie & julia in foreign (one of those non-english languages), so you can learn to speak foreign as beautifully as you can sing 'Time after time'.

  7. Your voice is as strained and shaky as the premise of your blog. such elegant self-reerence! thanks. To see more info please visit

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