Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 330 - How I Imagine Someone Would React to Watching Julie & Julia for the First Time (pt. 2)

Day 330.

There are only 35 days left in the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, which is, I don't know, weird. And as glad as I am to be finally nearing this completely arbitrary yet incredibly meaningful point in my life, I actually don't know how everything's going to end/what I am going to do myself after this blog comes to a close. (Oh wait--PSYCHE! I'm never watching Julie & Julia again, that's what I'm gonna fucking do!)

But all jokes aside, let us continue our journey back into the past--or rather, How I Imagine Someone Would React to Watching Julie & Julia for the First Time (pt. 2).

1:00 - The romantic chemistry between Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci really is quite something. I could honestly watch these two talk about food all day long.

1:02 - Oh wow! A surprise wedding! I mean, I know we've only known Julia's sister Dorothy for about 5 minutes, but this wedding to Ivan Cousins surely was a delight and not at all a tangent from the mains storyline!

1:04 - An interesting discussion of McCarthyism--exactly what I wanted from my light-hearted culinary comedy-dramas.



1:07 - The genesis of Mastering the Art of French Cooking! What a historical moment! So exciting!

1:09 - Hahahahaha, Dan Akyroyd's Julia Child impression on SNL. What a riot! I wish more filmmakers would insert full SNL sketches in the middle of their movies, amirite?

1:10 - Oh no! Julie, wake up! The stew's gonna burn! Wake up, wake up, wake up!

1:15 - Real-life marginally famous historical figure alert! The author of the Joy of Cooking, Irma Roumbauer!! Scenes like this really add to the overall hilarious tone of this movie.


1:25 - Louisette is such a flake. Get outta here, you krazy woman! This cookbook's only big enough for two real authors.

1:28 - Paul was gay this entire time?!?! Uhwwhaaaaaa??? Gawsh, so many exciting twists and turns! Was Julie & Julia directed my M. Night Shyamalan (pre-Lady in the Water)?

1:31 - Ugh, I can't stand the fact that Julie and Eric are fighting--IF THESE TWO CAN'T MAKE IT, THEN NO ONE CAN.

1:36 - Oh, is this movie still going on? I'm sorry, I thought it would've been over by now.

1:42 - I got hungry so I left to go fix myself a sandwich. Turkey and swiss on whole wheat bread. The pickles just make the whole thing click though.

1:49 - Wow, this movie is really dragging. Time to make myself another sammich.

1:54 - Seriously? You guys are still fighting? I mean, I liked you enough in the beginning but now I don't know--just like, stop.


1:59 - Awww, that's just... simply delightful. A little long as far as running time, Julie & Julia, but I could definitely see myself watching this movie again.



Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Help yourself. The tapenade is marvelous." 


  1. naive!larry seems very ... feminine. more so in the last post than this one, but still, it's weird.

    halloween post coming up soon, i hope. not that my country gives a shit, but still.

  2. Well, i still adore the movie after reading with you through many days. And after watching it myself ten and more times.
    So I think you did really well with these two 'virgin' attempts to watching it, welldone again to you!
    And thanks for that last photo: so great to start my day here in South Africa with that photo.

  3. Well done. :) Can you do another post about making food from the movie? Like maybe those toasted bread/pepper things from the first five minutes or so? Or maybe the infamous Beaouf Bourgnion? <That was quite possibly, the hardest thing I have ever had to spell. Only 30 some odd days left! :D

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