Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 329 - How I Imagine Someone Would React to Watching Julie & Julia for the First Time (pt. 1)

Day 329.

It's been quite awhile since my very first viewing of Julie & Julia--I barely remember it at all. But I guess that doesn't really matter, you know, since every viewing of Julie & Julia I've had since has been extensively cataloged on "the Internet."

But anyway, I thought it'd be an interesting experiment if I tried to go into the 329th viewing of Julie & Julia with the mentality of someone who's never seen the movie before. The results (pt. 1) are as follows:

0:02 - Oh, this is rather nice, this whole period piece atmosphere. And it's set in France! What could be better? I'm sure ready for a delightful sure-to-be-uninterrupted romp through the life of notable fascinating person, Julia Child.

0:04 - I guess we're in present day now. Interesting--let's see where this goes. Amy Adams is a great actress. I'm sure that whatever character she plays, I will find her likable. Also, her husband looks vaguely familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
0:06 - Oh wow, they're using 9/11 as a backdrop for this modern-day culinary drama. I'm curious as to where this is headed--a fulfilling conclusion about how even in the bleakest of times, cooking brings people together, hopefully.

0:08 - Mmmmm, food. Gee whiz, this movie looks delicious!

0:10 - Julie's friends sure don't strike me as all that likable. I'm sure there's a good reason for including these cartoonish female characterizations though. One that they'll probably elaborate upon later.

0:15 - This black and white footage of Julia Child is ever so charming. I could watch this all day!
0:17 - Ahhhh, so this is what Julie Powell is going to do--start a blog about Julia Child! What a unique and original idea! It's all starting to fit together. I can't wait to see where this goes!

0:21 - Hahahahaha, Julia Child makin' hats. What a novel concept!

0:25 - Old people in love are the cutest things everrrrrr.

0:26 - Oh my! That IS a lot of butter. How funny and charming! I could not agree more. There really isn't anything better than butter! I could listen to people go on and on about the merits of butter until my ears fall off!

0:29 - This movie's really turning out to be quite the educational experience for me. I just learned how to poach an egg! Looks simple, I might just try it out tomorrow!

0:32 - Man, I really hope Julia Child excels in this cooking class--as the only woman there, this could prove to be a major conflict going forwards.

0:34 - Actually, nevermind. Conflict resolved. Julia is a fantastic chef! Hooray!

0:36 - Julia Child was a spy? How interesting! I wonder if the movie is going to talk more about that. I sure hope so.

0:41 - OMG, lobsters have never been funnier in the history of cinema! "Lobster Killer" LOL INSTANT CLASSIC

0:44 - Happy Birthday Julie! I'm so happy that your husband gave you pearls--so fitting!

0:46 - Oh wow, this blog thing is really picking up steam. That's just great for you, Julie. You really deserve it!

0:48 - Julia just made some new friends in the ladies' room! I wonder who they are?

0:50 - Man, I really don't like that Madame Broussard character. What an evil lady, right? I can't wait until her and Julia have a big Iron Chef-style cookoff at the end. I'm glad this is shaping up to be the main conflict in the movie.
0:53 - Trouble in paradise for Julie Powell? Fascinating. I wonder how they'll resolve this marital conflict.

0:56 - Oh, so Julia's cooking with the ladies she met in the bathroom! And they're teaching classes, cool! Maybe the rest of this movie will deal with her years teaching Americans how to cook French food in France. How crazy would that be?

0:57 - JANE LYNCH, is that you? Oh mah gawd, could this movie possibly get any better?!?

Find out tomorrow, when we get to part 2 of "How I Imagine Someone Would React to Watching Julie & Julia for the First Time."


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "And your editor loves it." 


  1. Bouncing back from yesterday's post with something extra nice today. I wonder if we'll eventually see something like "How I imagine someone would react to watching Julie & Julia for the second time"

  2. hated it.
    where are the posts with negativity and offensive shit?

  3. Dude, you are so close - a little more than a montht to go! Don't give up. Keep your head down, eyes closed and bite down on a wooden spoon. You're gonna make it!

  4. I loved this more than anything. It was like being in my head the first time I watched this movie. Just sprinkle in the word "delightful!" a few (thousand) more times, and I would swear you were a mind reader.

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