Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 327 - Julie & Julia Slowed Down x0.5

Day 327.

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea of watching Julie & Julia sped up twice as fast as usual. So naturally, today I decided it was only right to watch it twice as slow. I figured "Hey, if I get to reap the benefits of speeding through one viewing of J&J, I guess I'm going to have to deal with the consequences later. Let me tell you--one hour of Julie & Julia is great, four hours is HELL.

This was a horrible, horrible idea.

Worst 4 hours of my life. No joke. And what do I have to show for this little experiment?

1 Hour Sped-Up Julie & Julia + 4 Hours Slowed-Down Julie & Julia = 5 Hours Julie & Julia
2 Hours Julie & Julia + 2 Hours Julie & Julia = 4 Hours Julie & Julia

5 Hours Julie & Julia > 4 Hours Julie & Julia

Despite my Asian roots, I was never all that good at maths--clearly.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Well, it's true."


  1. you sound like seth rogen.

  2. Ugh, why can't you just watch the movie? You told us you'd watch the movie, and now you're thumbing your nose at us with how little you're watching it.

  3. seconding the seth rogen thing
    it's uncanny

  4. two things in response/rebuttal:

    1) max, i KNOW! especially the "fuck you julie and julia slowed down" right at the end. lawrence: possible career alternative? SR voiceovers? dubbing? your call.

    2) carlssen, are you kidding about "how little" he's watching this movie? he literally took TWICE as much time out of his day today to watch it. (to make up for half the amount of time he spent yesterday.) so to sum up: he's actually spending MORE time watching it than he promised he would. (yep, do the math. it works out.)

  5. OH MY GOD! youre insane! And brilliant. aside from the math skills of course! But youre legendary, man! Does Julie Powell know 'bout you? I gotta read the rest of your blog now! ;)

  6. ummm, he is watching the fucking movie - do you know how to read?

  7. And yes, Lizzie, she has commented on here, too!

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