Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 326 - Julie & Julia, Sped Up x2

Day 326.

One of the worst parts about doing this blog is that every day, I have to spend TWO HOURS watching Julie & Julia. Wait, actually--that's the only part of this blog. But today, I had the rare stroke of genius (as opposed to my regular J&J-induced strokes) to watch this movie twice as fast as it usually is. That's right, folks. JULIE & JULIA SPED UP X2!

I know that a lot of you might consider this "cheating," but you know what? I've earned this. I've earned the right to essentially fast forward through this terrible, terrible film. And the extra hour I saved today is going to be the greatest hour of my life (read: the greatest hourlong masturbation session of my life).

And if you're curious, Julie & Julia sped up x2 was also hilarious. I didn't think Julie could sound anymore chipmunky, but I was proven wrong today. See for yourself.

So that was definitely the most fun viewing of Julie & Julia I've had in awhile, mostly because it was so short (relatively speaking). It's a good thing I'm in high spirits now, because I guess I'm going to have to watch Julie & Julia slowed down x2 tomorrow... I guess that means, 4 hours of Julie & Julia.

Or I could stab out my own eyes. Yeah, I'll just do that.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I know. I'm learning. I'm trying. I'm really..."


  1. Can you please, PLEASE post a video of a funny part of the movie fast forwarded? This idea seems hilarious but we don't get to experience it!

    Watching it slowed down would also be hilarious, but likely torture... You'd also have watched more J&J than if you had watched the movie regular speed twice. 2 + 2 > 1 + 4...

  2. Oh no, why can't you edit comments? I meant 2 + 2 < 1 + 4. -_-

  3. ...Why can't you DELETE comments? For some reason the video didn't show the first time I read this and after refreshing, it appeared. Now I look like an idiot twice. :|

  4. I would comment on this post, but I didn't really read it...just kind of skimmed through it. But...what I wanted to tell you is that a few of my friends now read what's left of this blog, and we're thinking about throwing a L/J & J themed party. Maybe one of us will even blog about it later. This derivative is only just getting started.

  5. is it just me or you masturbate a lot?

  6. It's just you, Carolina.


  8. Haha the music sounds hilarious sped up.

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