Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 325 - Disposable Camera

Day 325.

I feel sorry for this lady in the Smithsonian with the disposable camera.

I mean, she doesn't seem like a inherently sad lady. She just seems like a lady who uses a disposable camera is all. Not that there's anything sad about that.

But like, c'mon lady--this is the 21st century. Why the fuck are you still using that disposable camera? You're at THE SMITHSONIAN! I'm sure you will have more than 27 photos to shoot! Invest in a memory card!

Seriously, it's 2011. What's a fucking point-and-shoot at the local Wal-Mart really gonna run ya? 15 bucks, that's what. Even Not Mark Ruffalo can afford one!

That's right--walk away, bitch. Walk away.

A disposable camera for a disposable woman.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Especially if it's a loose sort of mass like..."


  1. omg! I don't even remember all these scenes! hahah

  2. hey, there we go. back on form, larry

    keep it up, just a couple months left

  3. hahahahahahahaahhaah well the movie was made in 2009... so long ago.... it was hard to buy a modern camera back then, you know :D :D :D

  4. successful disposable camera ads are successful.

    by the way, I've never seen a disposable camera. does that mean I'm too young?

  5. I thought the Julie parts of the movie were set in 2001 or 2002--soon after 9/11 right? That makes sad woman a leetle less sad.

    Look at Not Mark Ruffalo uselessly standing there with his camera. Take some pictures, bitch! That's the inspiration for your wife's raison d'etre that you're looking at! Are you really only going to leave behind some rancid butter?

  6. Hey Lawrence,
    Are you free for that interview this week?

  7. Lawrence! I was at this exhibit today at the Smithsonian! Then I tried to explain your blog to my dad. He didn't get it.

  8. Just wanted to say - you are in the home stretch, but I am sure you are fully aware of that (40 more days and counting - look at it as a victory not a "chore"). Thanks for giving me some laughs and "food for thought" on your daily posts.


  9. Good of you to start calling women "bitches" again! We had such a great streak going.

    Also, I concur with Anon 7:45 a.m. (despite his use of "bitch"): if that scene took place in '01 or '02, digital cameras were both expensive and pretty rare then. She looks like a student, and I doubt a student would have a reason or the means to purchase a nice point-and-shoot. Anyway.

  10. I didn't have a digital camera until Christmas 2002, at least not one with enough megapixels to make it my main camera. I remember buying disposable cameras in 2002, but I don't remember anyone looking at me with a pitiful look or making fun of me.

  11. speaking of...your disposable camera is still in my apartment. get with the times.

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