Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 324 - Nice Bra

Day 324. 

Hey Sarah, what's that you're wearing on your head? You know, that little hat thing? I guess I've never really questioned it before, but well, I just gotta ask.

I just don't get it--is it a real hat? Or did you make it? and if you made it, well, I'm curious--what material did you did you make out out of?

Did you make it out of a bra? Like one-half of a bra? You know, just one cup. One bra cup. One beige 38DD bra cup. Is that what you used to make that hat?


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Wrist, easy. Leave the thumb here."


  1. that awkward moment when you realize the actors are wearing ugly pieces of lingerie on their heads...

  2. hey larry, you know that comment i left yesterday?

    i take it back, i definitely don't want to know the story behind that hat :S

  3. Lawrence. This post was disappointing. I thought FOR SURE by the end, you would have taken a bra and tried to make your own version of this hat and modeled it for us. Please remedy this by the end of this blog. It will take you ten minutes. You could even do it WHILE watching the movie. Multi-tasking!