Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 313 - Yogurt for Dinner

Day 313. 

There's a scene in Julie & Julia where Julie confesses to being a self-centered asshole on her blog (after her husband Eric leaves her) and ends her entry with the line, "Well, anyway that's the truth for now. Yogurt for dinner." It's a sad little kicker that's supposed to make you, the audience, feel sorry for Julie and her awful little dilemma.

Never mind that the shitty situation she finds herself in is no one's fault but her own. Never mind that she brought this upon herself by acting a selfish little girl. Never mind that she hasn't been the least bit likable throughout the entire movie so far. She has to eat YOGURT FOR DINNER for christssakes! What a terrible, terrible fate to befall!

Whenever I hear the line "Yogurt for dinner," I think to myself "Yogurt !?! For dinner?!?! Well that's just... that's just crazy!" And it is.


Or Julie Powell, for that matter.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "He went out to get pizza."


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  2. Nice tie-in to yesterday's post. :D

  3. Lawrence, did you run the Morton Arboretum 5K last Sunday? I swear I saw you but was too shy/unsure to say hi

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