Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 312 - Wall Ad

Day 312.

God, it would probably suck to live here.

I imagine living in this apartment would just be a constant nightmare. You know, like you'd have to stare at Meryl Streep and Amy Adams' huge faces every single day. And everyone would think of you as "that Julie & Julia apartment guy." Like, they'd just write you off as the guy who spends all his time living in an apartment with that giant Julie & Julia ad on it. And sure, it'd be funny at first--a real conversation piece. People would laugh at your circumstances and be mildly entertained by your "Hey I live in an apartment covered in a giant Julie & Julia ad" schtick. And you would feel good about yourself. For awhile. But then you realize that no one ever wants to talk about anything else besides that giant ad on your apartment and they wouldn't bother getting to know you for who you really are--someone who's just looking for a friend.

But then you'd go home to that lonely apartment and you'd stare up at Julie and Julia and you'd realize that this is all you have now. This is your life. Or at least this is your life until your lease expires at the end of November.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "This whole thing is completely inefficient."


  1. To live in the apartment means you never have to see the poster because it is on your outside wall. The worse place would be the apartment that overlooks that building no matter what window you look out - it is there.

    You are in the bldg w the photo and you did not leave it for 365 days and watched the movie every one of those days, and you were done with it and purged your DVD out one of those windows and then the next day you moved into your new apartment at night and it overlooked the old building and then the next morning you wake, look out your window and jump from the 7th floor.

    Very Kafkaesque.

  2. Jane, you should meet Karl Pilkington.

    Larry, you're not trying to tell us something, are you?

  3. hang in there, lawrence

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