Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 304 - Buy a Dresser

Day 304.

Hey Julie Powell. Buy a dresser.

I know that you have to be hip and cool and "alternative" and stuff, but seriously? That is no way to store your clothing. This is an issue of practicality. Get rid of that clunky metal garage rack and buy a fucking dresser.

What's that? You're too poor to afford a dresser? Bullshit. If you can afford to purchase all of the ingredients needed t make 524 Julia Child recipes, you can afford a goddamn dresser. You don't even have to invest in a nice set or anything. They are like, 80 bucks at IKEA.

Oh, there's not enough space in your tiny Queens apartment for a dresser? I'm calling shenanigans, Julie. SHENANIGANS! Why did you move to Queens in the first place? Oh yeah that's right, "900 square feet." Granted, I have no grasp of how big that is, but I'm sure it's big enough to fit a fucking dresser. Dressers can't be more than like, 20 square feet maybe? Which means that in your apartment, you could probably fit at least... seven dressers, give or take (though I may be Asian, I am actually terrible at maths). 

Long story short, no one wants to see your fucking clothes just chilling there out in the open. It's not cool. It's not practical. It's not kosher. In fact, that shit is unseemly, brah.

Hey, Julie Powell. Buy a fucking dresser.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I'm up!" 


  1. You may have covered this previously, but it was during that scene in the first picture where she lays down on the bed with those damn shoes that made me realize, "Oh, wait, she's a hipster?" I mean, who could this movie be about except for some hipster, but I didn't see it until she so obviously lays down with those shoes on that this was what they were going for here. Have you talked about these shoes yet? They really bother me. Why is she wearing them on her bed? Come on, Jules.

  2. bah ^^ Keri! i was just about to whine about her shoes! lol!
    Their whole apartment bothers me... actually scratch that. THEY bother me...