Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 298 - Julie & Julia Review Reviews

Day 298.

Today, I got bored while watching Julie & Julia (can you imagine that?), so I decided on a whim to visit the amazon page for the J&J DVD. And guess what I found there? Yup, that's right--user reviews!! You already know what I think about this movie, so let's see what the general public has to say on the matter.

Jujubes! Hilarious! You just can't make that shit up. But oh, you had to go ruin it and say "Julia Childs." That's alright though--this was a pretty solid review of J&J. And I never understood that cheap shot taken at republicans either. A pretty informative review.

I could not possibly agree more. I give this zero star review 5 stars!

I've gone on the record as being a huge fan of Meryl Streep's performance in Julie & Julia, so I can't exactly give this review two thumbs up. It is interesting that he or she does bring up the whole republican thing again. A valiant effort.

Time I'll never get back--oh, how I know what you mean, "Pat." Review Grade: A

I actually really enjoyed spending time on this website actually. I feel like I have finally found a community where I can be myself and not worry about what others think of me and my hatred for Julie & Julia. This is a place where everyone vocally despises this movie, not just me! By golly, I think I'm home!


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "They hate us."


  1. Have you seen this feature on Julie/Julia yet?

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