Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 285 - Julie & Julia in the Airport

Day 285.

My summer in San Francisco officially came to a close today. And since the only reason I was there in the first place was because I watched Julie & Julia, I found it fitting that the last thing I did in San Francisco was... watch Julie & Julia... in the airport.

Airport waits are always a huge drag. But they are even moreso when you are watching the longest 2-hour movie in the world. Especially when the people sitting next to you are shooting you all sorts of weirdass looks.

And to add to that, you have to realize that I had to step back and take pictures of my laptop as it played Julie & Julia in the giant airport waiting room. I drew a fair amount of onlookers--a majority of whom were confused elderly folk. I can only imagine what they might've been thinking...
These durned kids and their newfangled Julies and Julias! Who do these whipperschnappers think they are? Watching movie pictures on 'dere mobile phones and computaters! I just don't understand young'uns these days. I guess this Meryle Street is the new Tony Danza or something.
Oh, how I do love messing with old people's preconceived notions of kids these days.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "An old grandma who looked as if she wouldn't harm a fly called me a pencil-pushing capitalist dupe." 


  1. You'd be surprised with all the sorts of silliness you can come up with while waiting for your flight. Never underestimate the power of airport boredom.

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