Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 281 - Random Actor Tuesday: Dimitri Radochevitch

Day 281.

Today's Random Actor Tuesday is Dimitri Radochevitch. Not only does Dimitri have an awesome name (reminiscent of Backyard Sports brainiac Dmitri Petrovich), but he also plays the hilarious role of "Fish Monger" in Julie & Julia.

Look at that suave motherfucker. Just waving that big 'ol sweaty-ass fish in Meryl Streep's face. He ain't afraid of no beloved actress/Oscar winner--Dimitri's got a fish to wave and goddammit, he's gonna wave it.

He's just lovin' this this shit.

"Hey there, Meryl Streep. You sure do look beautiful today, darling. D'ya mind if I stick my long, wet trout in your face? Take a whiff, babe. That fishy smell? That's the aroma of success."

"Uh oh... looks like 'ol trouty trout is going flaccid on me. Do me a favor, Meryl, and give it a good rubdown, wouldja?"



Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Volume 3, Fish."


  1. Be strong Lawrence.

    On a Whim, You've created a potential, "Opportunity of a life time"!

    Finish your quest of 365 days...and you're someone! Crazy Kid...Haha...but most importantly, You finished what you started! Looks great on a resume, known as a Google search.

    Quit now? your forever branded...

    You're doing great! Focus, and you can coast to the finish line. I'll be there...counting down the days!

  2. Yep, you went crazy yesterday.

  3. You still know what day of the week it is. That means sane, right?

  4. Mong that Fish! LMAO.

    I like Dimimtri's interpetation of the role. The happy-go-lucky French Fish Monger.

  5. that's a big fish

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