Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 275 - Julie & Julia Haikus

Day 275.

Wasn't feeling too loquacious today. Thought I'd try my hand at some Julie & Julia haikus. Leave your own in the comments if you think you have a good one.

Woke up this morning,
Watched Julie & Julia.
I wish I were dead.

Is there anything
better than butter? Oh wait,
yeah--lots o' butter.

Started the movie,
Saw Amy Adams' dumb face,
Cried for awhile.

That guy bothers me,
'Cuz he is definitely
Not Mark Ruffalo

Meryl Streep is great,
Someone give her an Oscar.
How did she not win?

is the saddest thing ever.
Julia Childless.

I feel like I am
just reliving the same day
over and over.

Why are you still here?
Reading this cannot be fun.
Don't these jokes get old?

Fuck this shit movie
Fuck fuck fuck fuck ass fuck fuck
Fuck Julie Powell.

Forgive my language,
My mind is slowly going.
Fat check for my shrink.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "The hen!"


  1. Omg...Julia Childless...tragically hilarious..?

  2. -- a future once the julie and julia thing runs out?

  3. Cobb Salad Lunch Scene
    Bitches watching carbs, pantyhose
    No breadstick for you!

  4. YOu really need to stop watching this movie, I saw it and liked it but I only watched it once and once only!!!!

  5. Not Mark Ruffalo
    Not shaving your stubbly face.
    Towel on the floor.

  6. Make this into a book and call it art! You have definitely got something in the ways of conceptual art here!

  7. You made this your blog
    I'm sorry you're suffering
    Only ninety more!

  8. for a very WEIRD reason (skipping to the intro text and reading the first line) I thought this was a Julie and Julia Rebecca Black Friday song. So I got the tune in my mind and tried singing along XD I tried to hard to fit the text into the lyrics of the song and was failing miserably. I quit at the 4th paragraph as it was impossible.

    I looked back at the intro text and realized this wasn't a Friday song XD well FML

  9. Butter and Childless are the best. Truly art haikus.

    "Don't quit, Lawrence Dai.
    Fame, Fortune and Love Await."
    -A blog's false future.

    N.Y. Times, Chi. Trib.
    Clamor for young blogger Dai.
    Pulitzer worthy.

    FBI, Army
    Stop torture techniques research
    Dai survives the worst.

    Aspic, O Aspic
    French gelatin gourmet dish
    Or ham in Jell-O.

    Boef, boeuf bourguignon.
    However are you ruined?
    Cameo in film.

  10. Each time I see this
    I shed a single tear for
    Your shit misfortunes

    I have seen it once
    It was incredibly bland
    It sucked my fat cock

    I want to watch it
    While simultaneously
    Reading your wise prose

    It will be awful
    But I will find your great truths
    In a hands-on way

    Not Mark Ruffalo
    Why did you marry such a
    Grotsky little bitch?

    Titties titties tits
    Titties titties titties tits
    Titties titties tits

  11. Boning a dead duck,
    Can you even concieve it?
    Aspics are hard, too.

  12. my favorite was

    is the saddest thing ever.
    Julia Childless.

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