Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 274 - Random Actor Tuesday: Evalyn B. Taucher

Day 274.

Today's Random Actor Tuesday is Evalyn B. Taucher, who plays the Hat-Making Teacher in Julie & Julia.

As we've previously discussed on the L/J&J Project, Julia Child's brief foray into the world of hat-making could have had a disastrous impact on the culinary landscape as we know it today. If mastering the art of French hat-making had even the slightest appeal, Julia never would have taken up cooking, which ultimately would have been a tragedy of epic wasted talent.

But that hypothetical disaster scenario never did happen--and we have Evalyn B. Taucher and her horrible teaching skills to thank for that.

I mean, look at the way this hat-making classroom is set up! Ms. Taucher's in the back, seemingly focused on making her own hat, while Julia is relegated to sitting by herself at what is presumably the dunce's hat-making table. That is no way to run a hat-making class!

Oh yeahhh, Evalyn... teaching a class to your students' backs is really the best way to show people how to make hats. Where did you get your hat-making teacher's license from? University of Colorado - Bowler??

She majored in bonnets with a minor in top hats.

Also, I'd be curious to know if Evalyn Taucher actually made all those hats in the scene. I mean, she is not that accomplished of an actress and it wouldn't be that surprising if she was a real hat-maker (I say this because she is an old lady and I assume that is what old ladies do when they get old). It's more likely that a prop-master/costumer slaved over those hats for months and months, only to have this old hag sweep in at the last second and take all the credit for it. Even more likely that they just bought these hats at a dollar store.

Evalyn Taucher, the actress, does not have many credits on her imdb page. She played the hat-making teacher in Julie & Julia, the "Old Lady" in something called The Perfect Holiday and also various roles in the NWP Sketch Comedy Show. Now, I have no idea what she plays in this sketch show, but I have screen-capped the unembeddable video below for your viewing pleasure.

Now if only she'd wore that costume on the set of Julie & Julia. Then we'd have a real movie.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "You like hats."


  1. She seems pretty unknown. That werewolf costume would change that fast.

  2. Hahaha, University of Colorado - Bowler. Had me in, wait for it, stitches!

  3. Stop picking on my mother. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern University and only wears monster costumes on the weekend. She is 93 years old and is looking for her big breakout part. Her loyal son, Dean Taucher
    P.S. The sweater Evalyn is wearing in this scene she knitted herself, hats be damned.

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