Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 270 - Guide to Meeting Celebrity Athletes

Day 270.

The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project's Official 
Guide to Meeting Celebrity Athletes

Step 1: Come up with a stupid idea/stunt for a blog. Use the gimmicky-est premise you can think of... say like... you will watch the same movie every day for a year. Something really dumb like that--I'm just spitballin' here.

Step 2: Execute stupid idea blog. This is huge. Anyone can have a stupid idea, but only the truly insane will follow through. Stick with it, no matter what a panel of psychological experts tell you.

Step 3: Wait until someone hires you based solely off reading your stupid idea blog. If you're lucky, that someone will be Heat Advertising.

Step 4: Volunteer your services for a commercial shoot. Do whatever you can to help out. Pretend to be as sane as possible.

Step 5: Meet the highest scoring American soccer player in World Cup history, Landon Donovan, and the 2008 and 2009 Cy Young award-winning pitcher, Tim Linceum.

From left to right: Stunt blogger Lawrence Dai, L.A. Galaxy forward Landon Donovan,
Meryl Streep/Julia Child's head crudely photoshopped over the other intern,
San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum

Step 6: Marvel at your good fortune.

Step 7: Watch Julie & Julia for the 270th time.

Step 8: Ask yourself if it was worth it.

Step 9: ???

Step 10: Profit.

The Set.
The Crew.
The Talent.
The Slate.

I asked both Landon and Tim if either of them had ever seen the movie Julie & Julia, to which they responded "Uhhhh, will somebody get this guy out of here? His eye keeps twitching and it smells like he's soiled himself."


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Soon, Simca and I will be famous."


  1. lawrence, some days i'm really, really jealous of your life. other days, i really, really hate your guts. but never before have i been both, in the same breath. you're uppin' the ante, and i don't know whether to hug or hit you.

  2. Looks like a fun crew. Keep it up.

  3. Who's the guy by the door that's part of the group but didn't get invited into the group photo? Poor dude.

  4. wow, I am impressed and a wee bit jealous

  5. I love a good South Park reference.

  6. step one: collect underwear
    step two:???
    step three:profit

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