Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 269 - Gloves

Day 269.

You may not believe me, but there are a lot of hidden symbols and allusions in the film Julie & Julia (see figs. below).

Fig. 1 - J&J

Fig. 2 - MJ

Fig. 3 - O. J. 

What does it all mean? Is Julia Child a child molester? Or maybe she was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. What is the significance of this single glove motif? We may never know for sure.

But I bet you anything that this fucker has something to do with it.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "The hand, the other hand, you must protect it."


  1. That last hand is by far the creepiest! It's only got 3 fingers and a thumb. How did it find a glove to fit it? Was it a custom made glove? Did that hand lose a finger while cooking or was it just born that way? How did it become a friendly mascot??? We will never know.

  2. Yeah, it kinda looks like a clown... and everybody knows how creepy THEY are...

  3. im not going to read your stupid blog anymore because you called MJ a child molester. i dont care if it was for the pun that was unnecessary. you could have said child star.

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