Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 266 - How to Clean a Mirror

Day 266.

In case you haven't noticed by now, Julie Powell is a pretty silly woman. She's annoying, irrational and prone to violent mood swings--in other words, she is in a perpetual state of PMS. And you don't have to endure 266 viewings of Julie & Julia to see it. I mean, you only have to watch Julie try to scrub the rust spots off this mirror once to realize the full extent of her total loopiness.

Hey 'dere, Julie. I knows yous tryin's ta use dat 'dere wind axe to wash 'dem durned rusty spots off your purdy mirror 'dere, but it taint workin'!

Whys you keeps tryin' ta do dat, Julaaay?? 'Dem rusty spots ain't goins no wheres!!

Rubs alls you wants, ladie. Wind axe may B good, but it shure as hell aint gonna remove no rusts.

Yah see? Rustees still there. 'An nows you just standin' durr wit dat dum 'ol look on yah face. Mirror's still durdy. Yer cleanin's all for naawt.

Scrub a dub dub, Jewel-liess tryin' ta rub. 

"Duhhhhhh. Why ain't mah mirror spotless? Dey's spots errywhereeee. Derp duh derp."

What a fucking idiot.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Yesterday, I poached an egg."


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  2. I was wondering while I watched it why she could afford such expensive food and not a new mirror...
    I wonder if the real Julie Powell ever reads your blog...

  3. I like to imagine this whole thing being read by Yogi Bear. Then I imagine Lawrence doing guest blogs from fictional people.


    Lovez it

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  6. heh-heh... you said "taint"

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