Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 264 - San Francisco Street Food Festival

Day 264.

I don't consider myself a foodie, I really don't. But being in San Francisco... surrounded by all these food events... combined with having to watch the most food porn-y movie every day a.k.a. Julie & Julia... well, it's changed me. It's made me... well, fatter.

So today, I figured I might as well embrace my inner wide load and check out the 3rd Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival.

I like streets. I like food. I like festivals. So naturally, a thing of this sort was going to appeal to me. And it did.

Life imitates art... and apparently Julie & Julia as well (I assure you, no one considers this movie to be art. And if they do, be sure to send them my way and I will set them straight). As you can see, there was a shitload of people at this "Street food festival" thing. I didn't really get it--why all the hubub over some food that's been on the street?

This doesn't look that great.

But I soon realized the error of my ways. Street food is awesome.

Click on the picture to enlarge it. Yup, that does indeed say "Toffee Mealworm Ice Cream" and "Wax Moth Larvae Tacos." Don fucking Bugito, you are a strange place. I regret not buying any just to see what it looked like, but fuck if I was gonna waste 11 bucks on bug food.

 Bug Juice, on the other hand...

I did, however, get my hands on some various other edibles. Pumpkin curry, for instance. And also steamed pork buns with fried chicken in Sriracha butter.

It was a veritable feast.

I know that Julie Powell has her whole "Is there anything better than butter?" mantra and I've often found it hard to supply a satisfying answer to her question. Well now, I finally have one.


So once again, fuck you, Julie Powell. I win this round. I will see you again tomorrow. But this time around, I'll be full.

(And yes, I do realize that you can probably file away this entry into the "L/J&J is devolving into another stupid food blog" folder. But fuck, mang--dey ain't much 'mo you cun say bout this shittay movie. An actual movie-related post for tomorrow, though. I promise.)


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I noticed your legs straightaway."


  1. Mmmmm....steamed pork buns. So good! So jealous that you get to wander around SF.

  2. If you want to read something FASCINATING about eating bugs (and who doesn't, really?), check out this piece in a recent New Yorker (let me know if you need a log-in; Northwestern's library might grant you access):

    It's an amazing essay--gorgeously written, alternating between sounding repulsive and delicious. And the photographs have the same effect.

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