Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 257 - Outside Lands: Day 2

Day 257.

And so my journey through Outside Lands Music Festival & Julie & Julia continues...

MGMT was getting a little sleepy halfway through their set yesterday, so I decided to get some Julie & Julia out of the way. MGMT, meet JAJ. Both of these things would've probably been way more enjoyable on acid.

We waited in this food line for literally an hour an a half. That was still not enough to finish the movie... but whatever, almost worth it. Why?



Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Men like their friends." 


  1. Maybe you were on acid... What happened to day 257?

    1. I tried something and fell over-big DEAL. It became then that I had this epiphany it's far Pro-Homework-Help adequate to try some thing and fall down. From that point I labored on head stand in each exercise until sooner or later.

  2. What better way to wait on a line for food than watching an hour and half of food porn.

  3. Mmm chicken and waffles. Boo rainy outdoor concert.

    Also, this blog is hilarious.

  4. lol, chicken and waffles... it sounds so weird but I bet it tastes really good!

  5. I somehow ended up in here and I have to say that this is a cool project! A bid weird but oh so cool. I'm a HUGE Meryl-fan and I also love Julia Child and Julies blog, so no wonder that I loved the movie.. Keep going!

  6. I spent my Sunday contemplating all the Madame Brassart's in my life. I can watch it many times: I look at when I am a Julie and when I am a Julia: the one whiny, wimpy, tantrummy and the other one changing it all into wonder, into marvel. And what a beautiful marriage The Child's had in the movi! I really hope you still get something out of this for YOU to be victimised by this would be as tragic as that strawberry dessert on the sideway.

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