Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 249 - Big Digit Countdown Timer

Day 249.

During today's viewing of Julie & Julia, I noticed something that I thought was kind of funny--who knows if anyone else will...


We see this kitchen timer in the pivotal "Julie prepares Julia's famous boeuf bourguignon scene" and it is the perfect example of what I would consider the opposite of Julie & Julia product placement, where the product in question could not possibly be more generic. I mean seriously, the name on that thing basically says exactly what it is--a BIG DIGIT COUNT DOWN TIMER.

Case in point--the "2:30" display certainly contains DIGITS and BIG ones at that. Also, the device appears to be a TIMER of sorts, as it presents a measure of time on its BIG DIGIT display. And presumably, the clock COUNTS DOWN, which is confirmed later on in the film. Thus, the name BIG DIGIT COUNT DOWN TIMER was born.

I realize that while most timers probably don't have a ton of words written on them, there's usually at least a company name or something. And I checked--BIG DIGIT COUNT DOWN is not a company. 


The propmasters clearly did not put much time into this one. "Hey Janice, what should I write on this kitchen timer?" "I don't know, will it ever be in close-up?" "I'm not sure..." "Ah, fuck it--just write something obvious... like 'Big Digit Count Down Timer,' but less stupid-sounding." "Uh, okay." "Trust me, it won't matter--no one's going to notice that anyways."



Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Two and a half hours."



  2. DAMMIT, RUPAUL MURDOCH. Well, they're not exactly the same...

  3. Did you create an imaginary prop designer just to give yourself someone to yell at, or have you finally memorized the credits to this movie?

  4. Here's another one:

    Since you're running out of things to blog about, how about you write a scene that SHOULD have been in the movie? That would be entertaining!

    The best thing about this blog is watching you go from, "This film is delightful!" to "FUCK YOU, JANICE!". Hahaha!

  5. OMG! I absolutely LOVE this movie and cab watch it every day! I think I might just attempt it, if it wouldn't make my husband and two kids crazy!!

  6. lol yeah like've gotten quite edgy haha.

  7. I love this blog but I have to be honest - Any scene with butter or chocolate is worthy of an Oscar at the Foodie awards. if I watched this movie every day for a year blog blog would need a new name.


  8. We had that exact timer when I was in college over 10 years ago. We LOVED it. We always referred to it as "Big Digit" as if it weren't an inanimate object :)

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