Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 248 - Sayiguou Blauc

Day 248.

It's safe to say that when it comes to watching Julie & Julia, not much gets past me anymore. That isn't to say absolutely nothing gets past me. For example, just the other day during a screening of the film, my friend Sarah pointed out to me that the words "Sauvignon Blanc" were misspelled as they appeared written on a window (during the scene where Julie Powell admits she's a bitch).

I'll be honest--at first, I was like "What the fuck is a saw-vig-non?" But soon after I was educated on the virtues of this fine wine, I realized that this was something worth looking into for a post.

Even though I had never heard of Sauvignon Blanc before and had no idea how it was spelled at the time, I told Sarah that clearly she must have been mistaken, because no one in this movie would make such a glaring error. But then upon closer inspection, it appeared to me that something was off.

That reads as "Sayiguou Blauc," does it not? What the fuck? Those aren't even close to being words. I mean, that clearly does not say "Sauvignon Blanc." This whole time, I had just assumed it was some kind of fucked-up spelling of a fucked-up French word, but apparently I was mistaken.

In fact, not a single word on the entire menu is spelled correctly!

Voluay? Nacou Fergussou? Chiuiu Blauc? None of these things... are things! In any language! I even googled them all to make sure!

Well of course there's results for "Nacho Ferguson." But if I was searching for "Nacho Ferguson," I would have damn well typed in "Nacho Ferguson." (Also, anyone looking for a good-ass professional wrestling name, look no further)

Hahaha, Chiuaua Black. What a great Google search.

Maybe I'm just being stupid here and the solution is nothing more than the weird cursive font is throwing me off. Perhaps the explanation is simply that all the "n's" look like "u's" or something.

But nah, fuck that. Whoever it was--set-dresser/prop-master--who scribbled that crap on the window is either a dumbass when it comes to spelling or thinks he/she can just pull words out of his/her ass. I'm looking at you, NACHO FERGUSON.

I have just decided that this black chihuahua's name is Nacho Ferguson.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "And may I say, excellent wine?"


  1. This is certainly an interesting concept!

  2. haha, i bet they just spelled the words wrong for the heck of it. Tons of movies have those little quirks..i was watching "easy A" a while back and noticed there is an orange in almost every single scene of that film..I then got the dvd, watched the commentary and the movie was filmed in a rural, cute, little Florida town that was known for it's oranges. and the director wanted to appreciate that or whatever. So I imagine it's just a fun little quirk that they hoped someone would find..and look. You did! :) er..your friend did!

  3. such a great idea for a blog -- Specific, niche and easy to follow.

  4. Shit, that blogger featuring thing backfired hard, Larry.
    Bitches be spamming. Bitches be spamming it up!

  5. See the best football blog in the world!

  6. A lot of times they do that kind of stuff on purpose, like Chandler said. Kind of a "let's see if anyone notices" kind of thing. So kudos to you for noticing. ;)

  7. I read your blog everyday because you are so funny. Nacho Ferguson; I'll be laughing about that all day. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't comment more often because I know how important comments are to a blogger, but then I figure who cares? You are in this every day for a whole year with or without my comments. Then I don't feel so much pressure. But I read you every day and love your blog.

  8. I don't think they did it on purpose. I think they told someone to write out a bunch of French words and that person winged it. I'm not blaming them--they might not have had access to the Google at the time.

    And that chihuahua's name is TOTALLY Nacho Ferguson.

  9. maybe this is what they are:


    Macon Vergisson

    Cheval Blanc

    which almost kind of makes sense since they are all wines. and some of the letters sort of fit considering they misspelled and wrote in a strange style.

  10. or maybe that last one should be chenin blanc. which i guess makes more sense. and that means they spelt everything almost correct, you just have to guess what is an N, V, or U.

  11. I agree with JessX, they are all spelled correctly it's just that the "u" and the "n" are written the same in every word... which is dumb, but hey :D wouldn't be surprised if Nora wrote it herself on the glass.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen a Blog of Note! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

  13. Perhaps those name are trademarked and they miss-spelled them on purpose.

  14. maybe it's like my great-aunt's writing in which everything just looked like nnnnnn or uuuuu
    [the latter if you started in the wrong spot]

  15. The Nacho Ferguson is the winner:)

  16. it's not mispelled. French people write their "n" like that. At least my mother does and she turn out french because of some very strange circumstances that happend to be that she was born in France.

  17. I cant believe, I wasted my time reading this crap.
    Most has already been said, I´d just like to add this: In my handwriting, the u and n also look the same.
    It was kinda obvious that that was the case here too.

  18. Great job in this post! It was rather informative.

  19. is that a chihuahua sized poop on the duvet? No more nacho's for nacho.

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