Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 244 - Julie & Julia & Shark Week

Day 244.

We are now officially 2/3 of the way through the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project and I, for one, am pretty... happy? Happy, I think that's the right word... yeah. The nightmare is almost over! We're in the home stretch (sort of).

That being said, I don't like thinking too much about the 121 more viewings of this little movie that I still have in front of me. All I can say right now is: Thank God it's Shark Week.

I might have to watch 2 hours of mindless, insufferable, boring drek every day, but at least this week I'll be able to fill the other 3-4 hours of free-time outside of work with NON-STOP ULTIMATE SHARK ATTACK FEEDING FRENZY ACTION.

I was originally going to re-imagine Julie & Julia with sharks playing the main characters in the vein of Julie & Julia & Dinosaurs & Robots & Beavers, but then I was all like "Yo fuck dat, I'mma just photoshop some shark fins/heads onto characters' backz instead!"

(The shark part of it, that is. The Julie & Julia part will not be jawsome at all)

The big takeaway here? Live every week like it's shark week. And if that's not enough for you? Live every day like you have to watch Julie & Julia again and then fucking blog about it and try not to kill yourself.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Okay. You don't have to bite my head off."


  1. You poor, poor soul. WHY YOU DO THIS. WHY!

  2. What is under not-Mark Ruffalo's ass in the first pic?!?! It looks like a he's got a weird-coloured bowling ball hanging from there. WTF??

  3. Ok, the pic of Julia & Paul in bed almost killed me. No, really, I laughed and almost choked on my banana (not a euphemism)

  4. I've been reading your blog since the beginning and you continue to make me LMAO!

    I wanted to tell you yesterday I was watching Rachel Ray (I can't stand her but the food she was making looked pretty good) and she started talking about Julie & Julia. She said she loved the movie but she really only liked the Julia Child scenes, so a friend of hers actually made her a DVD with only the Julia parts and cut out all the Julie scenes.

    Anyway I thought of you right away! Maybe you should contact her and ask her to be a guest blogger, or better yet see if she'll bring her special Julia-only DVD for you to watch together. How awesome would that be!

    Keep up the the great work! Jen

  5. Thanks for the 30 Rock reference!

  6. So now we know the answer to, "How many blog posts does it take to jump the shark?"

  7. YES!, please answer asap:

    What is under not-Mark Ruffalo's ass in the first pic?!?! It looks like a he's got a weird-coloured bowling ball hanging from there. WTF??

    Is he craping a dodge ball?

  8. Relax, everyone. It's just like a pot or a bowl or something. From now on, whenever you notice something like that... it's a pot or a bowl.

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