Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 218 - Random Actor Tuesday: Smoking Black Guy

Day 218.

Today's Random Actor is this smoking black guy who I've never actually noticed while watching Julie & Julia before (believe it or not, I still miss things even on the 218th viewing) Don't get too excited, ladies--he's literally smoking a cigar. Whether or not you find him attractive is irrelevant to the discussion (in case you are wondering, I find him very attractive).

Dude's a fucking baller. Where has he been hiding this whole time? Honestly, I'd rather watch 2 hours of this guy looking badass while smoking his cigar every day instead of this Julie & Julia horseshit. Just everything about the guy emanates coolness--the baldness, the posture, the way he holds that cuban--Dos Equis, meet your new spokesman.

I have no idea who this mysterious smoking black guy is or if he's even a professional actor, but damn, can he smoke a cigar.

And just like that, the wisps of Smoking Black Guy's total
impact on Julie & Julia are blown away with the wind.

Plus, he's black! That makes like, a total of three black people in this racist movie! (the other two being Ernestine, Julie's cubicle buddy, and Julia's mailman, Guiesseppe Jones) It's a post-racial, smoke-like-a-badass world, everybody--welcome to it.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "So Julia and Paul, beaucoup, beaucoup."


  1. So wait, is the shot of this guy smoking his only appearance in the whole movie? Maybe it's the only time he's even been in a movie. If so, then he spends 100% of his time on film looking like a badass.

  2. this is guuuuuureat

  3. That's Ving Rhames

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