Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 214 - Boning Machine

Day 214.

So today during work, I had a little free time and found my way onto an interesting little Gizmodo article about boning.

No, not that kind of boning. I was at work after all! And hot Julie & Julia sex is definitely NSFW. I'm talking about this kind!

You know, boning ducks--the thing that Julie Powell harps on throughout the entire movie--the insurmountable culinary challenge, the crowning achievement of any professional chef, the pinnacle of French cookery!

Well, so much for the whole "it takes a skilled chef to bone something" thing. Human chefs have been rendered completely obsolete now.
"After the ham thighs are separated from the rest of the hog, they travel on dual conveyor belts to the HAMDAS-R Ham Boning Machine where a handling arm picks them up and attaches each piece to a hanging conveyor rack. The machine snaps an x-ray image of the meat, determining the precise thickness, angle, and shape of the thigh bone using eight separate spots along it as a guide.

The meat then passes between two small circular blades to separate it from the upper portion of bone before a series spring-loaded knives on three, eight-axis arms incise the meat along the bone-line. Once the meat is partially freed, another set of gripping claws peel it down and a another set of circular saws free the meat completely with a final cut."
That's right--a boning machine! This movie would be a helluva lot simpler (not to mention better) if they replaced Julie Powell with a duck-boning robot. Only a matter of time before the the inevitable remake: DUCKAS-R Duck Boning Machine & Julia. I, for one, look forward to that day because I would watch the shit out of that movie.


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "And we're going to start with half-boned
chicken or poularde demi-désossée."


  1. hey, keep it on the down low about slacking off at work. people get fired that way
    though seeing ass this is how you got HIRED, maybe not

  2. My second ex-wife left me for a boning machine, the whore...

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