Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 204 - Random Actor Tuesday: Francis Dumaurier

Day 204.

I think it's safe to say that most of the actors featured here on Random Actor Tuesday are, well, actors. But that being the case, I don't know if you can just lump today's RAT, Francis Dumaurier, into the same group of such stalwarts as Rémy Roubakha or Casey Wilson.

He definitely ain't no Johnny Sparks.

I don't mean to discredit Mr. Dumarier's accomplishments as an actor--I respect the man for playing "Museum Guard" in Sex and the City and "Basketball Challenger to Andre Iguodala" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And who could forget his iconic role of "John in the Dumpster" in that timeless cinema classic, The Day the Ponies Come Back? He's definitely some kind of an actor, and probably an adequate one at that.

But in Julie & Julia, he plays a character named "Looping Voices" and to be honest, I don't remember ever seeing his character at all.

Who the hell is "Looping Voices?"

I've watched this movie 204 times now, so you'd think I'd be able to recognize this guy if he had even a second or two of screen time. But alas, I just don't recall his face, his lines, or anything at all about his character. I mean, Looping Voices is a pretty distinctive name and if you're going to give someone a distinctive name, he better be a distinctive character.

And even if Dumaurier was supposed to be playing a bit role, why give him an awesome sounding Native American name like Looping Voices unless you are going to exploit it? You know, like have someone saying to him, "Yo Looping, how was the Trail of Tears?" or "Hey Mr. Voices, please open up your teepee so we can gamble in it."

Loops With Voices

Just seems like an underdeveloped character is all. Also, an invisible one. Get your shit together, Julie & Julia. Base more of your characters on hilarious racial stereotypes.

Also, a quick word of advice for today's random actor...

Francis, Do Maury-er!!

ADDENDUM: Ohhhhhh, wait. Reader Beetnemesis just pointed out that Mr. Dumaurier might not actually be in the movie, but instead provided a track of looping voices for the film. That makes a shit ton more sense. 

But wait, what the fuck? At what point in this movie are there just looped voices of the same dude? I mean, there's definitely considerable background chatter in many of the restaurant/street scenes--but there's no way that just one guy did all that. Or is there?

What if every actor's voice was actually dubbed over by a different loop of Francis Dumaurier, which in this hypothetical, would make him the greatest actor/impressionist alive? What if he's responsible for the looping voices that constantly play in my head, telling me to stab things and wax my teeth? Is it possible that I have greatly overlooked this RAT? So many questions to address. I guess I'll just have to watch this movie again to find out. 


Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "Well, it's been eight years, I think."


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