Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 201 - Aspic Aftermath

Day 201.

You guys know I like to milk my big stunts for all their worth (see: onions), so after yesterday's big aspic post, I thought I'd share what happened to the abomination afterwards.

Art imitates life imitates shitty movies.
Aspic is definitely compostable, right?
Yeah... it definitely is...

All gone.
Somebody done blew chunks in 'dere.

Yeah! Aspics! Gross! Hooray for compost! A greener world for all!

Also, I posted some weird aspic/blog promo videos on youtube, the first three of which I've embedded below. I hope you enjoy them and I think they accurately depict my current deteriorating state of mind. I actually have a ton of these, so I'll probably release them sporadically over the next week.

Tell your friends about The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project!

Note: Also, you'll notice that I have officially switched the blog to operate on Pacific Standard time, seeing as I'll be in San Francisco for the summer (more on that later), so that probably means you'll have to wait a little longer for your daily fix of Julie & Julia. Apologies, but hey--at least you don't have to actually watch this drivel every day.


Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "All men. All GIs"


  1. No, see, this is good, because I was about to have lunch, and now I'm never, ever going to eat again. Just in time for beach season!

  2. You're not supposed to compost meat

  3. Good thing Spam isn't meat! Not really a compost bin anyway, there's a plastic bag in there!


    We compost everything out here is sf. Including aspic.

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