Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 197 - Random Actor Tuesday: A Conversation Between Random Actors

Day 197. 

Let's face it--we've pretty much come to the end of the rope when it comes to random actors in Julie & Julia (this is a lie, I just don't feel like finding new ones). So allow me to play with the form a little and present a hypothetical dialogue between two random actors that we've covered in the past.

A Conversation between Jamie D. Hall (Cheese Guy) and Johnny Sparks (Johnny Sparks!)

Jamie D. Hall: Hey 'dere, gummo!
Johnny Sparks: Uhh, what?
Jamie D. Hall: I don't think we've met yet. I'm Jamie D. Hall, the cheese guy.
Johnny Sparks: Hey... man... nice to meet you. I'm sorry, what did you say you were?
Jamie D. Hall: You know, the cheese guy--every movie needs a cheese guy. I'm the cheese guy for Julie & Julia. Cheese guy!
Johnny Sparks: Oh... yeah... cool...
Jamie D. Hall: Well don't be a stranger now. What's your name, good sir?
Johnny Sparks: Oh, pardon my lack of manners--I'M JOHNNY SPARKS!!!
Jamie D. Hall: Sweet Jesus! Stop yelling at me!
Johnny Sparks: What?
Jamie D. Hall: You just shouted your name at me. I'm right here, dude. You don't need to yell.
Johnny Sparks: I have no idea what you're talking about. I simply said that my name is JOHNNY SPARKS!!!
Jamie D. Hall: There it is again, man! Quit hollerin'! 'Dere ain't no fire in 'dese here woods.
Johnny Sparks: That's just how you say my name--JOHNNY SPARKS!!!
Jamie D. Hall: Okay, okay, dude... Nice to meet you... Johnny Sparks.
Johnny Sparks: No, it's JOHNNY SPARKS!!!

(an awkward silence)

Johnny Sparks: So...
Jamie D. Hall: Yeah...
Johnny Sparks: That Meryl Streep sure is talented, isn't she?
Jamie D. Hall: Sure is. The things I'd do to her, man...
Johnny Sparks: Okay then...

(another awkward silence) 

Jamie D. Hall: So... didja want some cheese or anything?


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Do you have...? You have the brie."


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