Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 196 - No Breadstick For You!

Day 196.

Even after 196 viewings, the one scene in Julie & Julia that always baffles me is the "No Breadstick For You!" scene.

You know the one I'm talking about--Julie and her friends are enjoying their ritual Cobb Salad Lunch, when all of Julie's super successful important friends suddenly feel the need to simultaneously whip out their cell phones/recording devices in order to demonstrate how super successful and important they are.

Look at how successful and important we are--we own electronic devices!

Julie, who apparently does not have a reason to be on her cellphone and is thus clearly neither successful, nor important, is left with nothing to do at this point. Naturally, she gravitates toward the vase (?) of breadsticks in the middle of the table.

Everything seems to be progressing smoothly, right? Julie gets to eat her breadstick in peace, right? WRONG.


(note the terrified look on Julie's face)

When Julie Powell woke up this morning, she thought she was going to go to lunch with her best friends. And maybe while she was there, she would get to munch on her favorite food, breadsticks. She hadn't come to expect much of her superficial friend group, but at least they would let her eat what she wanted.

Well, not if Cassie would have anything to do with it.

OQ_H8C on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Seriously though--what the fuck??? Why did Cassie do that? As much as I hate her, I do believe that Julie Powell can make her own goddamn choices. She doesn't need anyone telling her what she can or cannot eat. And she really does not deserve to be treated like a fucking child.

To quote Julie herself, "I am not (Juli) a Child."

So fuck you, Cassie. Mah name is Julie Powell and Imma eat whateva I want.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Oh, so cagey, right?"


  1. Well, you see Lawrence, women are crazy. If these four women get together and eat cobb salad (which isn't terribly healthy for you) it means they're making a vague attempt at health. Carbs are bad for you, so NO BREADSTICK FOR YOU! At least, that's why I never thought it was all that weird.

  2. The screencaps of Julie's awful facial expressions never cease to amuse me

  3. I am not a Juli a child.... amazing.

  4. LawDai,

    You still crack me how I gave you a nickname right there?

  5. I was wondering the same thing when I watching the movie the other day. When I first watched it, I thought the breadsticks were actually some inedible decoration for the table. haha But now I'm realizing that it is a breadstick, and Julie's friend is a complete jerk. lol Hilarious blog!

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  7. This move has been played dozens of thousands of times at my home, because different relatives truly love it. Even though I have watched it randomly and know the plot and such, I have never paid attention to this scene which struck me as odd when I saw it a couple of days ago. I literally asked ''why did she take her breadstick away?'' I looked around and searched to see if someone had an explanation, but I only could find this blog as a mention to it.
    Well, this is my theory:
    It is obvious to me that Julie had a thing with her friend (Casey, is that her name?) when they both were at college, maybe a sort of master and servant relationship where Casey dominated Julie and this came to surface as a reminiscence in that scene. To me, It turns out that Casey does not like to see her servant with something as an stick on her mouth, not in front of her. She can be married and stuff and she does not mind, but in her presence, the stick is not allowed. Julie seems to be unable to go against her old master and she admits it once again. You can see it on her redhead face and her deep green eyes how much this role play is still appealing to her.