Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 182 - Memorial Day

Day 182.

I know that because it's Memorial Day, I should probably do some sort of thing honoring the men and women who died fighting for our country and somehow relating it back to Julie & Julia and maybe Paul/Julia's spywork overseas. I mean, that would be the logical route to take at this juncture. But frankly? I'm kind of tired from yesterday's wedding.

Which is why I thought, hey--what better way to spend Memorial Day watching Julie & Julia with a bunch of my non-English speaking relatives who have no idea what Memorial Day is?

The flash ruined it, but I assure you, J&J is playing.
The newlyweds were there too. What a great wedding gift, right?
Assorted uncles and aunts. It has been a veritable Asian Invasion at the Dai household this week.
Dammit Julie & Julia! You've bastardized this family reunion!
Oldest uncle was really diggin' it.
In fact, he was the only one who stayed for the rest of the movie...

Hooray for wacky Asian relatives! Oh, and veterans. Veterans too.


Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "Are you the person I speak to if I don't like the plan for the memorial?"


  1. Your uncle has fine tastes.

  2. Your oldest uncle loves you. In fact, your entire family has a great spirit to even volunteer to be in the photos. Way to go family!

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