Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 179 - Meryl Streep Day

Day 179.

It has been brought to my attention by a few of my readers that today is Meryl Streep Day (scroll down on the wiki page). This doesn''t surprise me because of course Meryl Streep has her own day--after all, she is Meryl Fucking Streep, our greatest living actress! Everything she does is simply delightful!

Meryl smelling fish? Delightful. Meryl drinking wine? Delightful. Meryl failing tests. Delightful. Meryl taking giant shits? Impossible. But if it was possible, I'm sure she'd make that delightful too.

"That smells wonderful, but if you'll excuuuussse me, I'm going to go take a giant dump! Aha!"

Hell, she even made the Frenchmen likable in this movie! Frenchmen, I say! The all-time worst kind of men! Is there anything she can't do?

"The only thing I can't do is be a mediocre actress."

I'm telling you, the woman is perfect--a real national treasure, the classiest woman in the world, the sex icon of the century! Plus, I heard she adopted some adorable, homeless puppies the other day.

So anyway, I know I should be pretty excited about celebrating this "Meryl Streep Day" and all but honestly? Today hasn't actually been that much different for me. I woke up. I ate breakfast. I watched Julie & Julia. I stuck a few pins into my Julie Powell voodoo doll. I was blown away by Meryl's performance. It was really just an average day in the life of a Julie & Julia blogger.

But that's when I realized--I don't give a shit about your stupid, seemingly arbitrary Meryl Streep Day because for me, every day is Meryl Streep Day.

So by all means, spend today celebrating the life and career of the beautiful Meryl Streep, because who am I to stop you? She is a wonderful person and deserving of your respect and adoration. There's just one question I have for you though: Why should our collective love of Meryl Streep be limited to just one day of the year?

I guess what I'm getting at here is...


It's certainly worked for me.

Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "What if you hadn't fallen in love with me?"


  1. Lawrence, by the end of this blog you will qualify as an expert on both Julie & Julia and Meryl Streep. Just think of the possibilities that could get you:
    1. Honorary Degree? Doctorate of Fine Art in Film perchance (or Creative Writing for that matter, or both)?
    2. Being an expert on the glorious Meryl you could convince her to let you visit, maybe even have her guest blog?
    3. You will at least be consulted when they make many documentaries on her career when she, God forbid, passes.

  2. Lawrence, thank you on this post. She deserves it. And you are absolutely right. She deserves praise every day. And think about what Pete said. :)

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting this! Every day for me is Meryl Streep Day :)

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