Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 176 - Random Actor Tuesday: Harry L. Seddon

Day 176.

I've been avoiding Random Actor Tuesday lately, mainly because there aren't too many random actors left. Case in point: Harry L. Seddon.

"Hey, look at me everyone! I'm Harry L. Seddon!"

For those of you who've seen the film, I'm curious if you recognize Mr. Seddon, because I sure as hell don't. And safe to say, I've seen Julie & Julia enough times to know when someone is in it! Anyways, IMDB says he plays an uncredited role, and they're usually right about these things...

New York City Subway Conductor!?!? Really?? How does IMDB even know that? Especially if it's uncredited?? There are only a few scenes that could feasibly have a New York City Subway Conductor in them and there's no way of possibly knowing whether or not said New York City Subway Conductor is Harry L. Seddon.

Is that you in there, Harry L. Seddon?
There you are!

Not convinced? Neither am I. Time for some ZOOM action.

Okay, so there is clearly an illuminated figure in the cockpit (Is that what it's called in a subway? Cockpit? Conductor's quarters?), but I'm not so sure that it's Harry L. Seddon. Let us zoom in some more, shall we?

Okay, that sort of looks like Harry L. Seddon, but the image is a little too low-res. Time to up the res.

Holy Shit! That is him! Dammmmnnn, IMDB. You's real good ats identifyin' rando acta toosdayzzz!

Maybe I am going a little crazy.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "It's almost not worth having one."


  1. I'll never look at the 7 train the same way again.

  2. Still good- when are you going to be on Conan?

  3. Maybe he added it to his own IMdB page? Hmm..

  4. So you're closing in on the half-way mark...any big plans? I mean, if you hauled an obscene amount of onions around for a week to celebrate Day 100, there's got to be something big in store for us to celebrate the fact that you are 50% done with this endeavor. Right? Right?

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