Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 164 - Fuck You, Blogger

Day 164 (yesterday).

No, I did not give up. It only appears that way because Blogger has been freaking the fuck out recently. Yesterday, I wasn't able to log in or access the site at all, meaning that I couldn't get a post up in time.

I must have refreshed this page 150 times... still fewer times than I've watched Julie & Julia

Fucking technology, right? And not only that, but today I log in only to find that Wednesday's post has disappeared. So not only have I already "missed" a day due to technical difficulties, it seems as though I haven't posted since Tuesday, which is just false.

The internet is fallible! My world has been rocked!

I slaved over that hypothetical "When Julie Met Julia" dialogue! Where did it go? I've read that they are in the process of restoring everything, but now I just look foolish (not that I didn't look foolish before, you know, watching the same movie every day).

But as far as posting goes, I tried to do a little something over my twitter account, @larryjuliejulia

For those of you who follow me on twitter, I hope that my series of tweets whetted your J&J thirsts yesterday--I had to do something after all. Sadly, enough 140 characters is really not enough space to wax lyrical on the many narrative intricacies of Julie & Julia.

But anyways, I feel pretty bad about this whole "not posting thing," as it kind of sabotages the whole idea of my project. But then again, this project is kind of stupid, so I'm just going to go ahead and consider this to be yesterday's post and will write another one tonight.

Seriously though, I apologize to anyone yesterday who was dying to read about some guy's take on Julie & Julia for the 164th time.

The moment of truth.

Also, fuck you Blogger.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Subway."


  1. Blogger sucks!!! We won't leave you, don't worry!

  2. When I saw blogger was down,the first thing I did was come here...

  3. no one is going to stop reading! stay faithful!!

  4. Ok this was my first laugh of the day. I also noticed blogger was down, and was like, what the hell!! the irony of having to wait to get an idea out, was painful! I must have refreshed a bunch of times myself to no avail. Glad its back up and running!

  5. I didn't notice it was down (I assumed I hallucinated not reading an LJJ post, since you've been posting earlier in the day than usual and I thought maybe I had already read it...) but I can confirm that Wednesday's post did happen, in case anyone doubted! I'm really glad you had a backup copy of that masterpiece actually, some of the other blogs I read post occasionally that something glitches while they're working and they lose everything they've worked on.

  6. I read your julia meets julie meet lawrence post before blogger went crazy and disappeared. It was great the first time and even better the second!

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