Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 158 - A Younger Stanley Tucci

Day 158.

Stanley Tucci is old. Well, okay not that old. He's 50. And I suppose he looks around that age--I can't tell if the uber-baldness helps or hurts his case.

His facial expression here certainly isn't doing it for me.

That being said, I think most ladies would agree that the 'Tucc is a good-looking dude. But during today's screening, I couldn't help but wonder what he looked like in his younger years. I mean, he's always cast as the regal-type, the kind of guy who's going to bring some classiness to a role, which was perfect for Paul Child. But could a 20-year-old Tucci do the same? It's unclear.

So the question remains: What does young Stanley Tucci look like? Is he bald? Is he handsome? Is he a pedophile? A quick Google image search confirms my assumptions. He is everything you could want and more.

He is a thinner Tony Shaloub.
He is on the cover of what appears to be a gay-themed web magazine.
He may or may not be an axe-murderer.
He is a good-looking dude.

So there you have it. Young Tucci: a little more hair than present-day Tucc, but just as handsome. If only they could go back and superimpose a digitalized young Tucci's face on Chris "Not Mark Ruffalo" Messina's body a la Tron: Legacy. How fucking weird would that be?


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Quote of the Day: "Then Paul takes a nap."


  1. Stanley Tucci = HOT. That's all that needs to be said. /nod

  2. I agree with Danny. He is hot.

  3. He's certainly a man of many faces. I mean, he does kinda look like a thin Tony Shalhoub in the first picture. But then he kinda resembles a young Peter Stormare in the second picture and either Tom Cruise's cameo character from Tropic Thunder or an aging Jason Schwartzman's character from Rushmore in the third one. And a completely different person in the fourth picture!

  4. He looks like the dad from (the original) 90210, Mr. Walsh