Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 151 - Feedback Friday/Caption Contest Results

Day 151.

Remember three weeks ago when I announced the first Julie & Julia Caption Contest? Of course you do! I know you've all been waiting for this moment and  I'm happy to report that the results are finally in!

And the Winning Caption is:

"This chicken coating is as moist and leathery as my abnormal uterus!" "Julia." "I know, I never learn." Sent in by Duncan D.

Duncan D., your caption doesn't make much sense and all it really did was reveal that you have a sick and twisted mind, but... I dig it. Congratulations! If you have a paypal account, let me know and I'll wire you a dollar or something.

Honorable Mention

"Who knew Paul's camera-dick would come to be so handy?" Sent in by Nathan G.

Haha, camera dicks. Nathan, sorry, but you don't win shit for honorable mention. Try harder next time.

And now... the next entry in the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Caption Contest!

Remember, the rules are simple. Write a hilarious caption/exchange of dialogue for the screenshot of Julie & Julia seen above, email it to me at, along with your name (First name, last name initial) and where you're from and I'll post the funniest entries next Feedback Friday. Join greats like Duncan D. in the L/J&J Project Hall of Fame (this does not exist and if it did, induction would be meaningless)


From Erica L.

Hey Lawrence,

Did you know you're on page two of Google image results for "happy fucking birthday"?  That's an achievement.

Erica L.

Hello Erica,

Wait, that's fucking awesome. Have I arrived or what? Thanks for letting me know! Also, I hate to point this out, but when I google it, I turn up on the first page.

Who is that handsome looking fellow in the bottom left-hand corner?
Is that you, Nixon wolf?

Man, I love the internets. Thanks again for the heads up, Erica! Now I just gotta try to make the page results for "Most Attractive Julie & Julia Stunt Blogger"

Mad Respect,


From Whitney M.

my darling dearest Lawrence.. 

In reference to post #60..   I have just recently found your blog and I try to read it everyday. Also, I am ALWAYS stoned as fuck when I do.

love, whitney.

ps - marry me

You may not realize this, but your email is pretty much the epitome of every email I've ever gotten on the lawrenceandjulieandjulia account. Like, you could write the book on sending me emails. Said book would go something like this:
How to Write Lawrence an Email

Step 1: Use an awkward opening salutation that is probably too friendly for the situation
Step 2: Refer to a months-old post that I don't even remember writing
Step 3: Compliment the blog (my favorite step) 
Step 4: Admit to being inebriated/under the influence of drugs while reading
Step 5: Propose marriage

It would be a very short book. And no one would read it. But no seriously, Whitney--you're awesome. Never change. And yes, I will marry you.
Mad Respect,

Well that was an oddly arrogant and self-indulgent Feedback Friday... Put me in my fucking place! Send your angry hate-speech-filled emails to!


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Oh, those are cute."


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