Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 142 - 4/20

Day 142.

Apparently today is some sort of holiday that some people like to celebrate, especially those darned college kids. Now little 'ol innocent me has never known of such debauchery... you know, because marijuana is an ILLEGAL DRUG. But nonetheless, I thought it'd be amusing to see how many actors in Julie & Julia appear to have needed some help from Mary Jane in order to get through this piece-of-shit movie.

High, Meryl!
Yuk it up, druggies
These guys decided to all toke up before cooking class.
Dinner parties suck, unless you are on drugs!
Shrouded in their own pot smoke.
Just keep yukking it up--they're your fried brain cells, after all!
Man, this is a good joint. This restaurant, I mean.  (Also, the joint)

Quick, the RA's coming! Waft it out the window! Waft! Waft!
You can't honestly tell me that these guys aren't high. Killer case of the munchies, brah

So yeah, apparently everyone in this movie was smoking the ganja during production. I don't blame 'em. I'd probably need some sort of drug to get through takes and takes of Amy Adams moaning about this and that (and not moaning in a good way either). Hell, people ask me all the time if I ever indulge in "the weeds" in order to get through my viewing of Julie & Julia every day. Well, the answer is "NO, CANNIBIS IS AN ILLICIT SUBSTANCE IN THE UNITED STATES AND I AM NOT A CRIMINAL."

But... if hypothetically, I was the kind of stereotypical ne'er-do-well who would smoke whilst watching his favorite culinary-themed drama-comedy, I imagine my blog post go something like this:
I am fucking high right now and its awesome. I'm listening to some Grizzly Bear instead of watching Julie and Julia. fucking A man, fucking A. haha that looks like "fucking a man.
ooooh oooh ooooaaah, Shit is mad good. I guess I coud lie and say i watched it today, but then id be lying and that wouldnt be nice of me. yeah i got to watch it. you internet people would know for surrrrreeee.
Man, I am baked lays right now.
Well that fake-high-Dai-atribe wasn't funny at all. You know why?



This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the L/J&J Project.

Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "We're going to tear them all down and put up a high-rise."


  1. Lawrence, you are my drug.

  2. So ... do you like drugs or not? I'm not quite sure.

  3. fake-high-Dai-atribe.

  4. Dude, Lawrence does indulge in the intake of THC. It's a fact. He loves smoking that grand-daddy purp. No, but for real, he does. I smoke with him.

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