Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 127 - Random Actor Tuesday: Amy Adams (from Smallville)

Day 127. 

Okay, so Amy Adams isn't actually a "random" actor. But then again, random is all relative, right? To us, Johnny Sparks may be "random," but to Johnny Sparks' kids (Sally and Bobby Sparks?), he's everything!

Anywho, I thought today was the perfect day to evaluate Amy Adams' performance as Julie Powell, but through the lens of something other than Julie & Julia. Let me explain. A couple months ago, my friend Juliet (along with some of you commenters) brought this to my attention (For some reason the youtube video isn't embeddable, so I apologize for that, but it's definitely worth watching--the guy is pretty funny). FAT AMY ADAMS!!!

A.k.a. FATAMS for short

These screenshots are from a episode of the TV show Smallville, aptly titled "Craving," where Amy Adams plays a character who eats kryptonite-infected food and becomes mutated or something. Actually, I'm just going to let wikipedia explain it better:
"Jodi Melville (Amy Adams) is tired of being overweight, so she creates her own diet, which consists of meteor rock-infected vegetables. The new diet causes her to shed weight faster than she can handle, which forces her to suck human fat to satisfy her hunger. When Pete arrives to pick her up for Lana's birthday party, her hunger gets the better of her, and she tries to feast on Pete. Chloe and Clark discover the truth about Jodi's weight loss, and Clark rushes to her house to save Pete. Clark stops Jodi from killing Pete, and gets her the help she needs to maintain a healthy weight."
Now, I've never seen an episode of Smallville before, but from what I can tell, it's fucking awesome. If you clicked on the youtube link, you'll know that Fatams spends 1/3 of the episode being fat and drinking gross green shit, 1/3 of the episodes getting skinny while eating a ton and the final 1/3 of the episode sucking the fat out of deer carcasses and random dudes.

Oddly enough, I'd still tap that.
 All in all, it's pretty bizarre (see below).

But probably the best thing I got out of watching this is that Amy Adams was clearly born to eat on screen. I mean, those of you who've seen this, honestly try and tell me you didn't get Julie Powell flashbacks during some of these scenes. Especially the food binging montage.

Remind you of anyone?

Amy "Fatams"--the random actress who gets paid to eat. NOM NOM NOM.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Of course she eats pork."


  1. Oh wow, I remember that episode from back in season 1! I didn't realize that was Amy Adams. She was creepy.

  2. Do you think this little known role played a part in Amy Adams getting cast as Lois Lane in the new Superman? It can't just be a coincidence!

  3. Sally and Bobby Sparks? Was that an intentional Mad Men reference?

  4. This just blew my mind... and made me giggle like a preteen.

  5. OMG I used to be obsessed with Smallville (yeah, yeah, judge away) and totally remember this episode. Whoa major morning flashback....

  6. I've never watched Smallville. But, this is like life imitating art or art imitating art. (unless you don't define J&J as art.)
    Also, my six degrees of separation for Julie Powell and Amy Adams.
    Did you know Julie is obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (well you do since I mentioned it, but it bears repeating). And ... Amy Adams was in an episode of Buffy.
    How weird is that?
    And, I discovered that on my own.
    Also ... if you read JP's original blog, she often said how much she LOOOVES Meryl Streep and then look what happened.
    So, I think maybe you should just throw out into the internet actors you love and who should play you when this gets made into a movie - and then maybe it will happen?!

  7. Weird coincidence, ComicsAlliance just wrote a review of this episode on Monday.

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