Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 124 - How Did You Find Me?

Day 124.

As many of you might have guessed, yesterday's post was my meek attempt at an April Fool's Day joke and it didn't seem like too many of you took the bait. I guess I'm just really convincing when it comes to these posts...?

Or at least fairly convincing, right?

But that being said, unfortunately, I actually have seen the movie Julie & Julia in its entirety--quite a few times actually (124, to be exact). And though many of you would like to believe this is some sort of elaborate scam or prank, I am sorry to disappoint you. My therapist, on the other hand, is just sorry I hadn't started earlier--he's got his kids to think about, after all. College tuition is mad high.

And so just a few hours ago, I found myself in the same place I've been for the past four months or so--at a veritable crossroads--trying to decide how I want to avoid watching this terrible movie again. Decisions, decisions. Should I watch VCU-Butler like a normal 20-year-old male or the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards like the nostalgia-obsessed child I am on the inside? I'll give you a hint--just moments ago, Josh Duhamel was inducted into Arm Fart Hall of Fame.

This entire movie may have been just one gigantic arm fart.

But over the months, I've learned that one cannot put off the inevitable forever. And so, I revved up the 'ol DVD and got back to the grind.


As I screened J&J today, I found my mind wandering (which it usually does) and I remembered something that I've always wanted to ask--how the hell did you guys find me? I mean, how did you find this blog?

I realize that the premise of this website is targeted at a very, very selective audience (people who've seen Julie & Julia, people who appreciate stupid jokes about Julie & Julia, people who enjoy watching someone slowly go insane) and I'm just baffled each and every day that it's somehow found an audience.

I ask this only because I've gotten some pretty unique responses since the L/J&J Project's inception back in 2010 (so long ago!). Some of them so comical that I feel compelled to share them with you.

Blogger tells me the search keywords that people have used to get here over a period of time:

Click to Enlarge

I find it amusing that "Josh Peck" is the #2 search term. Like, people are actually searching for Josh Peck and then inexplicably find themselves on a blog about a guy who watches Julie & Julia every day. That will never cease to amuse me.

Other search terms? "Julie Taymor," "Hairy Chest," "Oompa Loompa," and depending on the day, I'll get "photos of Piggly Wiggly stores" as well. Like, seriously--who is finding this blog by searching for photos of hairy chests?!?! I demand you to reveal yourselves now!!

And here's something to appease you.

Also, I occasionally get emails/comments about how readers found me "through a Finnish radio station's facebook page" or an "Australian newspaper." What the fuck?? The world is a strange place.

I imagine Julie Powell experienced the same kind of thing when she was writing her blog--through I try not to think about it. I am still in denial of the fact that I'm slowly, but surely turning into this putrid woman.

I really don't care for Julie Powell.

So if you've got an interesting story about how you stumbled upon my dumb little blog, drop me a line at or just leave a comment on the post (unless it was via stumbleupon, that's not interesting at all).

And while you're at it, don't forget to vote for your March Madness Champion of Best Supporting Characters in Julie & Julia!


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "Moving truck's here."


  1. My story isn't interesting. Friend read about you on the Huffington post and checked out your blog. Right after, he told me I should check it out and poof, I became a follower. I imagine many people found this blog because of word of mouth or posting it on facebook (which I did to tell my buds about this awesome blog).

  2. I just read about this blog from some news outlet and was so intrigued by the ridiculous concept that I had to check it out. Found myself coming back every day because you are so hilarious, and I have told all my friends about it. God Bless the Internet.

  3. You were on I think, which is the only way I could possibly have found you.

  4. I've been following since day 12 when you were featured in Paste Magazine's blog "Awesome of the Day."

  5. I was at my work-study job at my college library. I was sitting at the circulation desk, "working" and reading stupid stories on Huffington Post. You were featured in the humor section of favorite new stunt blogs I believe. You seemed like a funny chap, and I told everyone I knew about your blog. So... that might have increased your readership and led you down this path of insanity. Sorry.
    You're awesome!

  6. I found your blog because back in early January I was re-reading the book (yes, RE-reading :P ) and decided to look up Julie Powell's original blog, which I had never read. In searching for that, yours came up has a hit in my google search and voila, here I am 3 months later still following along and enjoying it. So there you are.

    By the way, for what it's worth, your blog for Day 37 is entitled "Hairy Chest Comparison", so there's your connection.

  7. I followed a link Ze Frank posted on day 2 or 3 of your experiment.

  8. I found it through this link from the Daily What. Also: while looking for this link, I found this other one which is why people might have searched for Day 37 specifically :D

  9. Blogger tells me that someone visited my website having searched the keywords "porno you doing cake".

    Now so many things seem wrong with that. Why they then click on a link to some guy talking about baking to start with, second why did they type the word "you" into a search engine. Did they think the search engine of choice would be imaging itself some hot guy or girl and deal out some suitable imagining.

    But why would someone "do" cake? I don't even want to start down that road.

  10. it was a link on :)

  11. I found it on huff post and then shared it with my friends. We're all avid readers now! We talk about it all the time at school

  12. On December 8th, I found a slideshow on the Huffington Post about interesting websites to check out, and I've been following your blog since then :)

  13. i am your stalker

  14. I'm a crazy girl who likes to internet stalk people... I had a huge crush on a guy with your name... I googled him and your blog came up. That was day three (NMR) and I loved it so much I've been reading everyday :)

    Side note: It was so funny, I secretly wished that you and my crush were the same person and that me knowing about his blog would bring us closer together. I know, crazy. Don't worry, I'm getting help.

  15. Australian newspaper

  16. A girl in my sorority posted it on facebook. Needless to say, sororities+facebok=rapid dissemination of ANYTHING.

  17. Found this on the Daily What around day 7 or so. Been reading this ever since.

  18. Best week ever.

  19. I was confused and disturbed as to why you tagged my friend and Julie Powell as part of the human centipede on Facebook, and eventually stumbled on your blog. Hilarious.

  20. Australian newspaper as well!

  21. I'm just going for craziest way of finding you - or perhaps most obsessed with JP way of finding you.
    I have google alerts set up for Julie Powell. And the alerts come into my inbox everyday at about 3:30. I found you pretty early on because you Julie Powell was a keyword on your blog. (and you pop up in my inbox a lot).
    I think I may actually go into withdrawal when you are done.
    Did you know that near the end of her project she started drinks meet ups for her commenters? I think you should do that. Mind you, I'm not sure I would come because I don't really know where you live. And I'm in Toronto and that's limiting. But it's still a good idea,and you totally don't need to plan it around me :)

  22. My sister told me about this a few times, and every time I just laughed that someone would waste their time like this. Then Julia & Julia popped up on my netflix suggestions (embarrassing, I know) and I had time to kill, so I finally googled you. I've been in love with your blog ever since I think about Day 35ish. I even read you out loud to my husband, we enjoy your twisted sense of humor. :)

  23. I have been following since Day 9 when you were blogged about on Geekosystem.

  24. I read about your blog on I'm a food writer, and I should hate your blog. But, I find your blog refreshingly unpretentious (and hilarious). It's my guilty pleasure. :)


    ^there. I started reading on Day 10 and haven't returned (to not reading) since.

  26. I watched the movie and decided to look up Julie's original blog....someone had posted your link on IMDB, been reading it every day since around day 11.


    I saw it on this website ^ on day 9...and I've been reading ever since :)

  28. Someone had mentioned it on the Julie & Julia board at IMDB. I came and read it. I thought it was awesome, so I went back and posted the link. I always wondered if anyone else found this blog thru IMDB.

  29. My sister is watching Julie and Julia right now and she called me to tell me that she can't see Chris Messina without thinking that he's Mark Ruffalo. She said the same thing when we saw it in the theater. She can't stand Mark Ruffalo and feels like the movie has been ruined for her. I told her she's too hard on both of them. Anyway, I decided to see if anyone else out there feels the same way, and lo and behold, I found your blog entry from Day 3. I called my sister back and before even saying "Hello" she starts ranting about how she's totally distracted and can't focus on anything but the Mark Ruffalo look/act-alike. I then started reading your entry to her and we got laughing so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. While she agrees with you that this role could've gone to Mark Ruffalo, she takes issue with your assessment that he's the better actor. So, in a nutshell, that's how I found your blog. I haven't read too many entries yet, but what I have read has amused me.

  30. Someone I didn't know commented on my blog (which was also inspired by The Julie & Julia Project) and told me about your blog because they thought I'd be interested... and I was! :-)

  31. I found the L/J and J Project through Google's Blogs of Note. I was on my dashboard thinking about updating my writing blog when I decided to see if there was anything good on Blogs of Note. What caught my eye was the title of the blog. I own the movie also, and have seen it a couple times myself. I've been hooked on the L/J and J Project ever since. There hasn't been a day since I found the blog, that I haven't been on it. I'm trying to catch up by reading the days I missed.

  32. I found you the same way as Mandy - Blogs of Note and I've been reading past posts ever since. Your project will likely be complete before I catch up, but I'm enjoying it as I go.

  33. Hiya, is this exact blog is your one and only blog or you also have some others?

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