Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 92 - Random Actor Tuesday: Julia Prud'homme

Day 92.

Today's featured random actor is: Julia Prud'homme, who plays Julia Child's bridge teacher.

She's the one who's standing up. A real stand-up gal, if you know what I mean.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all night.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself "Bridge teacher? Since when does Julia Child need a fucking bridge teacher? After all, this movie is about her journey to become a gourmet French chef, right? Not the story of how she became a gourmet French bridge player. That doesn't make a lick of sense. It takes decades to train to become a gourmet bridge player!" And you would be correct.

But remember, this is one of the scenes where Julia tries out new hobbies before she discovers cooking. It is Julia Prud'homme's job to make the game of bridge so dull and unappealing that Julia Child has to keep searching for a new hobby--a difficult task, no doubt. Thankfully, Prud'homme is successful in her endeavor and Child ends up finding her passion in cooking. Julia Prud'homme is really the Julia who started it all. Brilliant.

She also says the line, "Breast your cards." Haha. Breasts.
So as per usual, I went to check out Prud'homme's other work on imdb and ended up discovering something kind of super fucking cool. She was on The Office! That's right, everyone--The motherfucking Office--America's favorite British sitcom import starring the hilarious retarded guy from Anchorman! The Office is one of my favorite shows, so I was delighted to see worlds converging in the form of Julia Prud'homme.

And not only was she on the show, but her guest role was for one of my personal favorite episodes, "The Injury" a.k.a. "the one where Michael Scott burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill."

Yeah, that one.

If you're familiar with the show, you'll know that they try to keep things as realistic and faux-documentarian as possible. So no showy bridge teacher roles this time around. Luckily for her, Julia Prud'homme landed the enviable role of "technician" in this episode.

Hell yeah!

Plot-wise, Michael Scott has been gallivanting about, whining about his grilled foot, when Dwight, his trusted lackey, seems to have suffered a concussion from crashing his car while trying to pick Michael up. Dwight has to go to the hospital to get a CAT scan and guess who his X-ray technician is.

Julia Prud'mothafuckin'homme.

She gets way more play in "The Injury" than she does in Julie & Julia and I'm really glad for her. I actually think she has some solid comedic chops. After all, she is the one who gets to tell Steve Carell to take his foot out of the CAT scan machine.

"Sir? Stop that. Stop. Stop that."

That scene is probably the funniest part of the whole episode and she nails it. So congratulations, Julia Prud'homme. Even though your role in Julie & Julia was sort of thankless, at least you got to be a part of television comedy history.

Plus, she got to be billed with Creed. How fucking baller is that?

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Four points for an ace, three points for a king, two points for a queen, one point for a jack."


  1. You know what's the best about Julia Prud'homme - she's Julia Child's real life niece! Isn't that interesting???

  2. hey larry can you set up a facebook fan page? I want to be able to click on facebook to your posts. thaaaanks :)

  3. A great post to begin the month of March.

  4. yeah please make a facebook fan page. I want more people to hear about you!


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