Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 116 - Tu Lan

Day 116.

To all those who say I never listen to my readers, I hope today's post shall prove you wrong (I don't think anyone actually says this, but I needed some kind of fictional antagonist for narrative purposes. Fuck you, nonexistent naysayers!).

Anyways, as you know, I spent the last week in San Francisco and a bunch of you emailed me some restaurant recommendations. One in particular stuck out--Tu Lan.

Apparently, Julia Child ate here all the time and this being a Julie & Julia-themed blog, I was naturally obliged to pay this place a visit. I didn't really know what to expect, especially after loyal reader M@ wrote "ignore the grease soaked walls inside and tranny hookers outside" in a comment. Then I soon realize that Tu Lan is smack dab in the middle of the San Fransicso ghetto. So I had that to look forward to.

Classy joint. Say, who is that on the menu?

But all the fears for my safety were soon quashed as I was welcomed by the smiling visage of our gal Julia. Yup, that's right--this place was so proud of Julia Child's patronage that they put her fucking face on the menu!

Which I later stole so I could take a better photo.
What a goofy illustration.

Yup, that is undoubtedly our Julia. I mean, maybe a little doubtedly. It sort of looks like her, I guess. Chopstick poses are inherently unflattering. And it does seem manipulative of the restaurant--I haven't actually read anything that said Tu Lan was Julia Child's favorite restaurant or anything. In fact, I have wonder if this place has consent from the Child estate to use her image for promotional material (it definitely does not). Also, is it weird that I'm bothered by the fact that she doesn't look much like Meryl Streep? Julia Child was a real person? What?

Hahaha, "sleazy Sixth"

I trusted the menu and got most of that shit--pork shish kebabs, rice noodles, lemon beef salad--and it was fucking delicious.


I'm happy to say that Tu Lan lived up to the hype and I can see why Julia went there so often. Plus, I realized that she didn't have to worry about getting mugged in the ghetto because she was 8 feet tall.

That's not a chicken. That's an ostrich.

So thanks for the suggestions, readers! Feel free to tell me where to eat next! Also, Elite Eight matchups! I crave your mailz!!!


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "And I thought, 'well what else am I going to do with the insurance money?'"


  1. that picture almost looks like the Drag-Aykroyd version of her!

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