Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 107 - Final Exams

Day 107.

Today, I had to take two final exams. You know, because believe it or not, I am in college or something. I know none of you care about how they went so I will just say this--the absolute worst part of taking two finals in one day? Having to watch Julie & Julia right afterwards.

The Aftermath.
Having to watch Julie & Julia after 2 final exams is like....

...adding insult to injury, where the injury is "Yo, fuck you stupid idiot, you should have studied more" and the injury is "Yo, fuck you stupid idiot, you should not have agreed to watch this movie every day."

...getting kicked in the groin twice a row and then coming back home and getting kicked in the groin again.

...staying up for 24 hours straight studying for your finals, taking your finals while half-asleep, then not being able to go to sleep for 2 more hours because internet people demand too much of you.

...being given a lifetime's supply of bread, but no butter.

...using all of your mental capacity to memorize Piaget's stages of cognitive development and then using the rest of it to restrain yourself from punching a hole in the screen.

...getting kicked in the groin twice in a row, coming back home, getting kicked in the groin again, eating dinner, a few more kicks in the groin, and then having to watch Julie & Julia for the 107th time.

...listening to a dull ringing noise in your head all day long and then having to deal with high-pitched screaming noise for the better part of two hours (I think I am being slowly conditioned to attack Amy Adams on sight).

...getting boned by a duck with a stiff cock.



Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "Well, I think I'm going to sleep now."


  1. what's your major?

  2. I always lose sight of just how many times you've watched this movie. Every time you mention the number of viewings, it blows my mind to think that you've dedicated hundreds of hours to Julie & Julia.

  3. This is probably the first time you've been more whiny as Julie Powell. Disappointment. Seriously though, this sounds like the sort of BS Julie Powell would type after another pointless fight with NMR. Poor me! Poor me!

  4. Sorry. More whiny *than* Julie Powell.

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