Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 105 - Naming DVD Scenes

Day 105.

So today as I queued up the 'ol Julie & Julia DVD, I decided to forgo the usual "play movie" button and moseyed my way on over to the "scene selection" feature, thinking I would change up my routine and play the movie by clicking on the first scene. That's when I noticed that the scenes had no titles! You know, on most DVD menus they label each scene with some sort of corny title or vague phrase explaining what it is--like "Jimbo's Night Out" or "Batman Lays Pipe." But for some reason, Julie & Julia decided not to name its scenes. I guess that's my cue.

1. Get Ready for the Longest 2 Hours of Your Life
2. Is That You, Mark Ruffalo?
3. Cobb Salad Hell
4. Won't Someone Pay Attention to Me?

5. Obligatory Blog Shot
6. Meryl Streep is a National Treasure
7. Never Eaten an Egg (Which is Normal)
8. Look at How Tall We Made Meryl!

9. Whisked into Submission (Semen, that is)
10. Eric Powell Can Read!
11. Julie's Weird Sexual Perversion
12. Julia Child: Alcoholic

13. Oh Julie, You're So Incompetent
14. Delightful as Fuck
15. Jane Lynch Thumb War
16. Tucci Goes to Prom

17. Give Me My Oscar
18. Look, We Can Laugh!
19. Julia Child: Alcoholic Pt. 2
20. Dealing With An Addiction

21. In 2001, Cell Phones Do Not Exist
22. Reshoots Were Too Expensive, So Look at This Photo Instead
23. Awful Haircut
24. Finally Reads Wife's Blog

25. Celebrate the Postal Service
26. New York Times Product Placement
27. Why Aren't You Naked?
28. Where is My Fucking Oscar???


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "'French Recipes for American Cooks.' Terrible title."


  1. This is a very humorous post

  2. I don't know if you realized... but you listed 9,10,11,12 twice

    Also... my favorite is 10. Delightful as Fuck :)

  3. This entire post is Delightful as Fuck.

  4. My 2nd favorite post. Oh my gosh so funny!loved 9-16

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