Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 85 - Random Actor Tuesday: Rémy Roubakha

Day 85.

A brief follow-up: Yesterday, I called out Donald B. and Giacomo B. for only donating a few cents to the blog, which after you factor in the PayPal commission fee (those dirty bastards), amounted to practically nothing. Well, they have both since pledged an additional amount of money and I have to thank Donald B., for donating a substantial amount to my gambling fund... errrrr... blog budget... and for renewing my faith in the kindness of strangers--people can change, after all. Giacomo is apparently not a person, as he only donated an additional 2¢ (doubling his original 1¢ contribution). Laugh it up, Giacomo. Laugh it up.

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Today's featured random actor is: Rémy Roubakha, who plays the coveted role of "Oyster Man" in Julie & Julia.

Smile away, Rémy. It will help you forget that your scene in this movie is only 5 seconds long.

Rémy's imdb page is primarily made up of French film/television appearances, which is something I've found to be true with a lot of these imported French actors.

Let me just briefly list off his some of his professional acting roles:
  • "Le Chauffeur de Taxi" in Homocide
  • "Chauffeur de Taxi" in Les Duettistes: Une dette mortelle (TV movie)
  • "Le Chauffeur de Taxi" in The Code
  • "Le chauve du taxi/Passenger in Taxi" in Baby Blood
  • "Le chauffeur de taxi" in Joséphine, ange gardien (TV series)
  • "Taxi Driver #1" in ER.
First of all, they have chauffeurs drive taxis in France? Talk about your luxury! Who drives their limos then? Yuk yuk yuk. And second of all, this guy sure likes playing taxi chauffeurs. Like seriously, he's totally cornered the market on any roles involving a French taxi cab driver. "Oh, you need a French actor to drive the cab in your movie? I know just the guy for you! His name's Rémy Roubakha. He's a total pro."

Rémy may have the taxi chauffeur role down (he certainly looks the part, what with that folksy cap and all), but does he have the acting chops required to master the role of "Oyster Man?" After all, he does need to hold his own in against the the legendary Meryl Streep.

And luckily, for the most part he does fine. And by does fine, I mean he smiles and laughs and doesn't distract from the divine goddess on screen.

"Holy shit, am I about to steal a kiss from Meryl Streep?"
"Nope. She just wanted me for my oysters. Women. They're all the same."

Awwww, poor Rémy. Maybe he thought this gig in Julie & Julia was going to be his big break--his foray into American films. Maybe after nailing "Oyster Man," he could work his way up to "Clam Guy" in the next Batman movie, or "Shellfish Manager" in the sequel to Avatar. Oh well, at least he always has that Taxi driver gig to fall back on--that, and RANDOM ACTOR TUESDAY!!!


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Well, if she's not here, we can take a taxi."


  1. Hey Lawrence! Remember when Julia chopped onions like a mother-fuckin' ninja? I'd pay good money to see you try. Will you?

  2. Hey Lawrence! Remember when Julia chopped onions like a mother-fuckin' ninja? I'd pay good money to see you try. Will you?
    (I second that)

  3. LOL. Cute post. Remember when the post-9/11 Congress wanted to eliminate any reference to French, so the fries in the Capitol cafeteria were renamed "Freedom Fries"?

    I wonder how this movie script would have changed if their agenda had been enforced nationwide? "I can't believe we get to live in Paris, Freedom."

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