Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 82 - Could Julia Child Dunk?

Day 82.

So I just watched NBA phenomenon/freak of nature Blake Griffin win the NBA Slam Dunk contest and it was pretty cool. You can see a couple of his incredible dunks during the season here:

It's kind of unreal. Everyone is calling him a "human highlight reel," which would be pretty accurate, if he were indeed, human.

But anyways, since I am me--and I cannot go 5 minutes without thinking about Julie & Julia, I couldn't help but wonder if Julia Child (or Meryl Streep, for that matter) could dunk.

Yeah, she can probably dunk.

After some exhaustive research (5 minutes of Googling), I found out that the real Julia Child was 6'2". That's pretty fucking tall. Tall enough to dunk a basketball, right?

I journeyed the internets in search of the average dunking height and found many different answers. The consensus is that being tall certainly helps, but isn't the biggest factor in dunking--it's all about vertical jump/leaping ability. But as far as the range of heights I found, the average heights fell anywhere in between 6'2" and 6"5'. So that's good news for Julia Child, would-be WNBA player, but she does have one thing going against her--she's white. It's not a racist thing at all. I'm just saying, bitch prolly aint got no hops.

Also, I was doing some more research and discovered that Meryl Streep is supposedly only 5'6". Is that not insane? This movie makes her look like a fucking giant. I mean I know what 5'6" looks like. I'm 5'6". But the Meryl in this movie is definitely not 5'6".

Note to self: Sit next to more midgets.

I mean, I knew they had to make Meryl wear heels and stood her next to short people to make her look taller, but damn--making up 8 inches of height? That's movie fucking magic right there. This definitely deserves a more in-depth look for a future post, but right now I'm just going to go ahead and make the bold hypothesis that she wore stilts. Yeah, that's right. She was wearing a pair of wooden stilts throughout the entire movie. I'm okay with that explanation.

Pssssfth, even I could dunk on stilts.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Too tall."


  1. Have you heard of Spud Webb?

  2. Meryl looks so HUGE in the movie because of forced prospective. There is an excellent explanation of this on the LOTR Fellowship extended edition that explains it (Gimli is supposed to be 4 feet tall, but John Rhy-Davies is 6"). They also used body doubles for the scenes where they are walking. Oh my god I just revealed how dorky I am. But the extra that explains this on LOTR is still awesome.

  3. Women in the WBNA aren't allowed to dunk, it's against the rules, and also Stanley Tucci is 5'8", I did this research after the third time I saw J&J lol

  4. I don't think it's racist to say that white men can't jump. If memory serves, there was movie title that explained that Anglos were unable to get sufficient amount of air.

    I'm blanking on the title.

  5. Totally unrelated...I completely misread the title of this post as "Could Julia Child (Be) Drunk"... which I thought went a long way in explaining her perpetual enthusiasm.

    Having now read the title and post correctly, I find the visual of said supposition abso-smurfley hilarious.

  6. I guess maybe it's her being a woman or something, but I met Julia Child, and she seemed a lot taller than 6'2". Like I imagine Meryl Streep, her mere presence was quite formidable. If you want to giggle, Google some of the ridiculous shit Tom Cruise and French prez Sarkozy do to look taller than they actually are. Sarkozy has a straight up Napoleon complex about it, forcing tall security guards out of photos with him in it and shit.

  7. No joking, I'm pretty sure the real Julia Child played basketball in high school/college, so there's a good possibility that she actually may have dunked.

  8. If you look at one of the scenes at Le Cordon Blue, you can see under the table that she is standing on a box to tower over the men in the class.

  9. I think everyone is overlooking the most obvious answer to how Meryl is so tall in this movie: She is such a tremendous actress that she literally willed herself to grow eight inches to play Julia. She's nothing if not a pro.

    1. This is similar to Spencer Tracy -- director wanted him to grow a beard for a movie; Tracy didn't want to grow a beard, and said he would ACT LIKE he had a beard. And he did. And it worked.

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