Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 78 - Random Actor Tuesday: Steve Dash

Day 78.

First of all, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day! I certainly did.

Worth it for the hilarious facial expressions alone.
My boy Jon, testing out the lighting. This is serious business.

For those of you who might be interested, yesterday's Valentine's dinner reenactment took about two hours to set up and execute, which came as a nice break from being holed up in my room, sobbing uncontrollably from Valentine's Day-related loneliness. Again, special thanks to my buddies Kaitlin and Jon for their assistance (note: contrary to what some of the comments may lead you to believe, I am not dating either of them. You guys honestly think someone out there is insane enough to date someone who has to dedicate 2+ hours of his day to watching Julie & Julia?). It was a fun and difficult experiment (did you really have to take over 130 photos, Jon??), but one that I will probably try again with other scenes from the movie. I'm open to suggestions.

Some logistical issues that you guys have been asking about:
  • Unfortunately, the Netflix instant version of Julie & Julia expires on March 8th of this year, which means I will no longer be able to "prove" that I've been watching this shit every day via the hours viewed counter. How will I watch the movie then?
  • Fortunately, some good childhood buddies of mine--Charlie, Kelly and Colin--were thoughtful enough to give me a DVD copy of Julie & Julia for Christmas. You didn't have to, guys. Really, you didn't have to... (I totally thought I had found a way out of this... Dammit).
  • So that means, starting March 8th, DVD EXTRA FEATURES POSTS!!! Cool.. at least I haven't actually had to spend real money on this dumbass venture of mine...
  • Unless you guys WANT me to spend money on this dumbass venture of mine. I do somewhat enjoy these big stunts so I can write more elaborate posts i.e. more cooking, better food that I can eat while watching, prostitutes, etc.
  • So yeah, if anyone knows how to make money off this blog without selling stupid, annoying ads, let me know. If The Social Network has taught me anything, it's that ads aren't cool. "You know what's cool? A billion dollars." But I digress.
  • Side note: There's this tab labeled "monetize" on my blogspot dashboard and I've been extremely tempted to click on it since day one. I'm not sure what "monetizing" would exactly entail--I imagine it would just turn everything I've written into cold hard cash. Like, thousands of dollars would just shoot out of my CD drive like an ATM.
  • The Julie/Julia Awards are in less than 2 weeks! Submit your ballots now--lawrenceandjulieandjulia@gmail.com.

Bleh, boring shit.


Today's featured random actor is: Steve Dash

Steve Dash!

On his IMDB page, Mr. Dash is listed as "Hotel Guest (uncredited)," making him the first Random Actor Tuesday subject who may or may not actually be in the movie. During today's screening, I scanned every hotel scene (I'm not actually sure if there are any... these setting's are rather ambiguous) looking for this Steve Dash character, but failed to find any conclusive results.

Is that you, Steve Dash?

So basically, I spent two hours playing "Where's Waldo/Steve Dash?" except it was much more difficult, seeing as Steve Dash does not wear a goofy-looking red-and-white striped shirt with matching hat.

Found him. Not that hard, really. Just look for the giant fucking candy cane.

So you might be asking yourself: "Wait, if you can't even locate this Steve Dash fellow, then why is he today's Random Actor Tuesday?" Well, because 1) Who runs this fucking blog? Who watches this shitass movie every day? Me, and I fucking say so and 2) his name sounds like NBA all-star Steve Nash, and that's good enough for me.

Someone needs to move this guy's eyes closer together.

We're scraping the bottom of random actor barrel here, folks.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Pearls. The woman is wearing pearls in the kitchen."


  1. Don't click the monetize button! Just don't do it!
    Then you'll have stupid unrelated ads all over your site and who actually ever clicks those. No one.

  2. Excellent post per usual!

    But also, don't sell out.

  3. Let us know if "monetizing" actually works! I've been tempted as well and would LOVE it if cash money started bursting out of my computer.

  4. Why don't you pick up a red eye every day and take a screen shot with it next to your computer?

  5. I visit several blogs that have a Paypal button to make donations. Instead of grubbing for cold, hard cash, you might want to let your readers donate . . . oh, how about a pound of butter. You can never have enough butter.

  6. J&J is on tv right now. I am watching it in your honor. I sort of don't know how you do this every day.

  7. yeah! You could totally pull a Julie Powell and accept donations through paypal...

  8. Or write a book. You should write a book.

  9. Do I see a jar of Gummy Vites in the first picture?

  10. you could make a lemonade stand. that always raked in the money when I was a kid.

  11. I'm Steve Dash and I was on the set shooting this film. I was supposed to be a hotel guest but turned out to be a passerby in the lobby of the hotel. I don't do extra work (background) so I took the job thinking I was a hotel guest and would be checking into the hotel along with Julia and some other folks. The director didn't like my look and used me as a passerby but I got paid the full amount as agreed in my contract thus I got a screen credit on IMDB. I hope this cleared it all up for you, however, maybe you saw my most famous film Friday the 13th in which I played Jason

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