Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 74 - Feedback Friday

Day 74.

You guys really need to step up your feedback game. Like seriously, do you expect my gigantic ego to feed itself? Not likely. Don't get me wrong--I'm incredibly grateful for all the Julie/Julia Awards ballots you've been sending me (and keep 'em coming). But, really would it kill you to shower some effusive praise on me once in awhile? You know, like back in the good 'ol days when the novelty of this project had yet to wear off and I could still post on substantial aspects about Julie & Julia. It's like any relationship--now that the excitement has died down and we've gotten to know each other, we've got to make the extra effort to make sure this thing stays fresh. Yes, Cabo was nice, but the honeymoon's over. I think we got a shot at something real here--and correct me if I'm wrong, but I want to make sure that we're both in this for the right reasons. So yeah, email me.

Would I trade this blog away to be in Cabo right now? Yes, yes, I would.

From Eric O.


I am a college student in San Luis Obispo, CA. I have recently started reading your blog and have come across something that I am very concerned about.  As another fan of the uber-fantastic Mark Ruffalo, I have to say that I am concerned about your desire for him to be in this film instead of Not-Mark-Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo replacing Not-Mark-Ruffalo would put him in the position of being the husband (aka slave) of Julie Powell. This would be equal to someone wishing that Meryl Streep be the wife of Adolf Hitler. I for one am very happy that Mark Ruffalo is not in Julie & Julia and that he is sticking to roles where he does t have to be the slave of a crazy woman who honors people with butter.

Eric O'Brien 

Hey Eric,

You make a compelling argument with many valid points. Being married to Julie Powell is a cruel and unusual punishment that I wouldn't wish upon my greatest enemy. However, from strictly an acting perspective, I have no doubts in my mind that Ruffalo would've killed it and maybe brought something more to the role than his cheap doppelganger. Sure, dealing with Amy Adams' portrayal of the worst woman ever would've been difficult. But for an actor of Ruffalo's caliber, it might have been a worthy challenge. You know, like Heath Ledger playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. A lot of people are still convinced that the sheer insanity of that role led to Ledger's untimely demise, but perhaps the worst thing to come out his premature death is the fact that we will never be able to see his version of the Joker married to Julie Powell.

Why so DELICIOUS??? (i.e. Why does this bruschetta taste so good?)

Also, in response to your second hypothetical coupling scenario--if Meryl Streep was married to Adolf Hitler, I'm fairly sure that both WWII and the Holocaust would have been prevented entirely. Like, Meryl would just say "Ooooh, Adie. I don't think that this Nazi invaaaasion is such a goood idea" in her Julia Child voice and Hitler would call the whole thing off. Plus, who has the time to establish the Third Reich when you're having sex with Meryl Streep 3 or 4 times a day?

Mad Respect,


From Jon O.

Are you also watching the credits at the end of the movie all the way through? I think that's an important part of the movie watching experience and could be considered cheating if you weren't.

Evil Laughter -
Jon O.

Dear Jon,

Of course I watch the credits! They are part of the movie, are they not? Millions (thousands? hundreds?) of hard-working people poured their hearts and souls into this incredible work of art and not watching the credits would be an insult to them and their chosen craft. Look for in-depth profiles of Senior Matte Artist Matthew Conner and Key Grip Kenneth Fundus which will be coming soon! (I guess Meryl has a hard time holding onto her car keys?)

Mad Respect (coupled with nervous laughter...),


From Megan I.

Dear Lawrence Dai, 

I've got a little six degrees of separation for you. Chris Messina [aka NMR as you so eloquently refer to him] is from my hometown of Northport, New York (please don't stalk me). Taking this into consideration, I begin the six degrees of separation: I am from Northport; NMR is from Northport; NMR was in a movie with Amy Adams; therefore, I am best friends with Amy Adams. Oh, also, I met her once, when she hosted SNL. So that probably overrides the six degrees of separation which I realize didn't even add up to six and really didn't make much sense anyway. One can dream though. Man, she was so good in The Fighter. And Enchanted. And Julie & Julia [HA!]. Well, she pulled off the bitchiness quite well. Plus, she's so beautiful it's scary.  Anyway, I just happened to be Wikipedia-ing my old high school like a nerd and came across his name under the list of alumni and immediately thought of emailing you to tell you, because yes, it is Friday night and I have no life.'re awesome. Also...I rooted for the Packers. Like a champ. 

Megan [but you can call me Mizzo]

Hey Mizzo (I like that),

Awesome! I didn't realize NMR went to high school. To think that this whole time, I thought he was the result of some mad scientist's unsuccessful attempt to clone Mark Ruffalo from the DNA left over from a half-eaten egg salad sandwich. Like, I just assumed he spawned from some kind of cess pool of mediocre acting or something. Good to know! And I agree, Amy Adams is kind of beautiful. As far as our degrees of separation go, I think they are about to decrease by even more, considering that I located your home address and daily schedule from the encrypted data in your email and I'm on my way to Northport, New York right now. Consider yourself stalked! Oh, and wear something nice. I'll be there in a few hours.

Mad Respect,

P.S. Is this creepy? I hope it didn't come off as creepy.

I take all my social cues from Back to the Future. Except for the making out with my mom part. That's just fucked up.
Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "I'll show you later in the dictionary."


  1. When are you coming to Northport? We'll have a banner up for you downtown. We'll look for Not Crispin Glover.

    Greetings from Northport,


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