Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 72 - Are Those Chicken McNuggets I Spy?

Day 72.

Like most things about this movie, the assorted dishes and varieties of fine food that pop up here and there usually don't catch me by surprise. But today, I found myself doing a double-take during this scene:

Some context--Julia, Simone and Louisette have just met for the first time and are emerging from the powder room at the U.S. Embassy in France. As they talk about ways to intimidate Madame Brassart into letting Julia take the cooking test, a waiter walks up to them and offers them an appetizer. But upon closer look, it's not just any appetizer--those are almost certainly McDonald's Chicken McNuggets!

I decided to use advanced computer zooming technology to verify my initial hunch.

Yeah, those are definitely McNuggets.

Still not convinced? Well, let me just zoom in some more for you.


I wonder why the U.S. embassy would ask McDonald's to cater a fancy French banquet full of important people. Oh, that's right--because McDonald's is the shit! And I mean that in the best way. You know that Super Size Me guy? He's a fucking wimp. I've been eating Mickey D's every day for 19 years and only have four triple-bypass surgeries to show for it. McNuggets NOM NOM NOM!!!

So yeah, even Julia Child, the famous refined French chef, could not resist the allure of some delicious white meat Chicken McNuggets. And who can blame her, really? Those things are fucking orgasmic. There's only one lingering question I have for Julia: Sweet 'n Sour Sauce or Barbecue?

Eat up, my pretties.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I recommend natural coagulants, like chicken liver."


  1. Sweet and Sour. It's a no brainer.

  2. Nah's all about the sweet mustard!

  3. OMG you are hilarious!!!! LOL!!

  4. I love this. BBQ ftw.

    By the way when this gets done can you have a big meet up and everyone can come to Chicago or wherever you live and we can watch it on a big screen in a movie theater that we rent that also has a bar in it? Let me know and I'll make some arrangements.

  5. I can never decide between S&S and BBQ.

    They must have been short on props that day and just grabbed something from the craft service table. I guess the Teamsters wanted Mickey D's that day.

  6. Honey mustard... duh.

  7. those look like beignets which are more delicious than mcnuggests