Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 70 - The Super Bowl Hangover

Day 70.

Well, now that all the Packers = WORLD CHAMPIONS commotion has died down, I can finally gather my nerves and focus on the important task at hand--to keep watching this mediocre-ass movie every day. (side note: Why is everything either badass or good-ass or fake-ass or dope-ass? More things need to be mediocre-ass. For example, I anticipate that if I ever find a girlfriend, she will be mediocre-ass a.k.a. will have no junk in the trunk. Alright, too lengthy a side note. I'm done.)

Not-mediocre-ass. Probably more like, above-average-blogger-ass. I aspire to be that toned.

So yeah, last night, my favorite football team achieved the highest pinnacle in sports. It was pretty fucking cool. So I figured that yesterday was as good a time as any to finally reveal what I look like. Plus, it was Day 69, which is hilarious in its own right (I was debating posting a picture of me in my Packers gear vs. a picture of being in my 69 gear, but I figured you guys would be repulsed enough by my appearance as it is. Plus, I don't even know what 69 gear is/would entail.).

But seriously, I apologize if my small, Asian physique underwhelmed you all. I tried to avoid revealing my face to the internets up until now, but realized it was going to happen eventually--what with all the big plans I have in store for the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project in the near future. So get used to seeing this mug of mine, assholes (just kidding, you're not assholes).

The floodgates have opened. Be forewarned. This blog is soon going to look like a 15-year-old girl's MySpace profile.

So that's all the logistical shit taken care of--funny that a trivial, stunt Julie & Julia blog can have logistical shit. Oh, and speaking of, keep those Julie/Julia Awards ballots coming. They've been dwindling as of late.

Some of you have asked me what I would've posted yesterday had the Packers lost the Super Bowl. Well, first of all the loss + the fact that I have to keep doing this blog would have collectively crushed my spirits and I probably would have, I don't know, killed myself. But that's just what half of you guys want, isn't it? Well, I'm not letting you get that satisfaction (at least not today). Nope, not going down that easy. But in the interest of alternate universes where the Packers aren't the greatest team in the world, I have provided a glimpse of what a losing post would look like a.k.a. the post for all of Steeler Nation. Sorry, guys--but you do have a rapist as a quarterback. Karma's a bitch.


Day 69 - No Words.

I know the feeling, Not Mark Ruffalo. But that's the coward's way out. Real men commit hara-kiri.
Don't worry, Stanley Tucci. I'm crying like a 'lil bitch too.

Also, I apologize to all of you strictly Julie & Julia fans who don't give a shit about football. I just had to indulge a little bit--it was the fucking Super Bowl, after all. Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming with a killer Random Actor Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Eighteen and not a penny more."


  1. Dude you're so cool and funny and kinda cute in a nerdy way and mad funny! I bet you have girls after you right? like cuz they like you? and no this isnt sarcastic :D

  2. my freshman year of college, my friends and i posted photos of our asian crushes on our dorm-room doors. there were lots of mulan characters and jin from lost, but if this were 2006, you’d be right up there with the best of them.

  3. Awww, Lawry, you look like an Asian Justin Beiber. Not that seeing what you really look like rises to the level of like..Buckethead or anything, but thanks for poking your head out of the shadows of anonymity.

  4. Son, I am disappoint! Harry Caray is the Cubs announcer, while seppuku is "hara kiri."

    I thought you would want to know. Unless you were being facetious, in which case, HA!

  5. Aren't there six guys on the Packers facing rape allegations?